Monday, May 31, 2010

Indian Economy WOW

India really is an amazing place. Their economic growth rate will be very high this year. I think 8 percent or higher. India is really is place where you can see the haves and the have nots. Most people who travel to India see the poor side. To bad for them. They then go back home and then give a very inaccurate picture of India. In truth, India is HUGE. You can enter an area that looks like back home in suburban America. Then on the hand you can enter and area that is extremely poverty stricken.

Just my was a run of mill day I guess. Tomorrow, will be like a Friday because Wednesday is election day...or is it voting day. Well we will get a day that is cool. I think we will just take it easy at home.


Heat wave India!!!

I just read on the news and I have heard from my peeps that yes India is indeed hot! In fact the heat wave is a bit unusual this year. Seems really strange when you think that in Korea we have had alot of abnormally cool weather.

For those of you who have not experienced the heat of India....let me tell you is no joke! I mean I remember during nap time....we would sweat if bodies came into contact with one another. It was like breathing hot gravy. It is a wonder but my computer, my desknote performed normally. It has a AMD cpu which runs very hot.

Indian heat is very different from what I am used to. India and other countries along that latitude have a dry heat. Well....mostly dry. It means you dehydrate very very very fast, with out sweating streams of sweat.

Ok time to get ready for another 4 day week. Lets hope no war breaks out on the Korean peninsula because....I am not in the mode to uproot and head back to the states.

Actually on that topic many feel that North Korea can not make it this far South of Seoul. I would feel very uneasy if I were living in Seoul. It is ONLY 57km from the DMZ. Perhaps 40 miles or so. That means that hundreds...perhaps thousands of artillery units have their guns on Seoul. With the population density of the Seoul, which is greater than New can imagine the the destruction. Ok time to go sleepy sleep.....bye!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday / Thursday

Yeah...a 4 day week...I love em! However, I think next year we will not have to worry about holidays falling on a weekend and totally losing out on free time! Next year the Korean government has been rumored to change the holiday system, similar to that of America, where holidays on weekends, doesnt mean you lose a holiday. You get a 3 day weekend. If the rumor is true then it would be awesome. Personally I think it would be good for business, because most people are going head out and spent money on those days. Ok that would be cool.

However, here is a bit of news that would be very good for us. That is the new F-2-7 visa. Using a special point system, a foriegner on an E class visa can obtain residency status. I like the way money isn't a major point. With this new visa people do not have to worry about sticking to one field, they can branch out. Now it is not an easy visa to get, actually for me, I think it is easier due to living here for 10 years. Age is in my favor (for the next 2 years), If I can improve my Korean that will be a big help to. Some other factors can help as well. I will be looking into it. Yogita would have an easier time than I. Well we will have to see.

On health news we are hoping to get back to walking this evening. I have a pedometer, neat little thing.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Wow....long post!

Well right now we are getting ready to enjoy a 4 day week. A real treat this year, cause holidays are far and few between. So that means we want to relish what little we do get. I am still going to Jang-hang teaching at a kindergarten there. I do not know if i mentioned that last post. I want to try another short run of post about Korean food. This time though I want it to focus on popular summer foods. The weather patterns in Korea this year are very different from previous years. Gunsan for example basically has 2 major seasons. Even Gunsan residents do not deny this....I can think of only 2 people who would disagree LOL. Anyways, we actually got quite a bit of snow in March, and even had snow in April. Only now is it starting to warm up. Even so it still gets late winter chilly at night sometimes...strange.

We saw Iron Man was.....ok. Actually, I would say that it on par with the first movie so it was actually quite good. I can see how they are laying the groundwork for more future Marvel movies: Avangers assemble!

Yogita and I have been up to necks in recent days. So busy running around during the week that weekends are just spent at home. Last weekend was a little different. We went to a nice long trip through our province, and cholla-nam province which is to the south of us. I actually remembered to bring the camera! I took some nice shots. It reminds of another time, well perhaps the last time we took such a trip and George was with us...and..I forgot the camera.

Sheesh. Forgetfulness sucks. I think June will be a bit busy for us as well, because a friend, and co-worker is going to the US of A. She is excited about it. We have gone on trips together before, and George remembers those outings too.

It looks like rain today. I heard that in India it is very hot, seems like weather patterns have not drastically effected more southern regions?

Ok I am almost ready in getting ready for the first half of this week...I will go check out facebook then finish up my prep.