Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wow! i have just realized that this weather really makes me think alot.......it's so hot and humid that you really need to sit still once you find a comfortable position....once you sit still you can cool down alot faster than if you are moving around...and sitting still for me equals thinking.....

So anyhoo, i was thinking about this sher (Urdu Poetry pronounced Shaayaree/shayari ..( शायरी )..a Sher is a verse or a couplet). This particular Sher that i was thinking about goes like this:

” Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidan-e-jung mein. Woh tifl kya gire jo ghutnon ke bal chale”

I have always loved this sher. It means:

It is only those who ride into battle who fall (and have lived a life - implied)
Those who (crawl and cringe and are always complaining about life - implied) are on their knees, how can they even have a glorious fall !!

something like that....

I like it because we meet people like this all the time people who are ready to give you advice and talk about stuff they don't have the slightest clue about......also, i find this sher very encouraging...yes, we may fall but atleast we tried....

It's like in Eve ...sure you may loose a 50 million isk ship in a war or pew but atleast you tried your best, aleast you fought, atleast you flew beside your mates.....sometimes the experience is worth it
all.....sometimes its all about the experience...sometimes it's the journey thats important and not the destination....

So here's to the "experience" Beer Mug Clip Artof the unknown..be it life, relation-ships, work or a game like Eve....let's cherish the "experience" of being a part of something or someone!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beating the heat!

It looks like today will likely be another scorcher. So I am going to take my little lady out while the sun is doing its worst. We will cruise around (I need a CD changer), and perhaps see a movie, eat at a local eatery in town, who knows?

So that is T-minus 3 hours.....or perhaps 2.5 hours!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The heat has returned but humidity is low. It feels much more comfortable, compared to last week.
I am thankful for the rains we had, now I would like some more please. I am going to make sure that we are not in doors during the hottest part of the day. Ok we are starving so we will go grab a bite to eat......


Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love being out..... close to nature and pondering about a gazillion things that tickle my more intellectual and philosophical side from time to time...

so anyhoo we were near these majestic absolutely beautiful mountains filled with all sorts of different trees.....spruce, oaks, birch, pine, bamboo, palm, alder...bursting with various shades of green.....and it got me thinking of the beauty of Jehovah's creation and how truly amazing it is...and no matter how tiny and insignificant we may feel next to the wonders of creation we are the most important creation of all.....and every experience in the course of our life whether good or bad shapes us into who we are....and where we are.... right at this point in our lives.

And the experience they are also a wonderful thing...during our trip we saw the beautiful shapes carved out in the mountains and the cliffs..due to no other reason than erosion.....i will share the analogy one of my students gave...we are like these jagged stones and these life experiences good and the bad ones smooth the rough edges and shape us into these beautiful gems and makes us who we are ...precious and unique!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Much Needed Vacation

We took a 2 day vacation and it was Fun.....we visited Sunchon, Yosu, Pusan, Taegu, and Taejon...Beautiful scenery, majestic mountains, wonderful beaches, amazing valleys.....here is the route we travelled...we will be posting a series of post complete with pics. and a bunch of insights from our trip!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Boat ride!!!!

Today was nice! We went on a boat ride! We have loads of pictures but our DSLR's battery is too weak now...

We had a nice lunch took a nap went to a pc room. Tomorrow I think Yogita wants to head to Deajon for some food shopping. Wow yeo-so is closer than I thought. I feel bad because the other previous attempts to make here failed because I took the wrong highway.

I am hooked on this place.....

Well now I am enjoying a nice drink back at the hotel..


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suncheon City

Well we have arrived! It did n0t take too long to get here. We like this motel, and it is very easy to find if we ever want to come down here another time. I mean as you are entering the city it the largest motel that you see...you just can not miss it. I think I will change the way I travel in the future. Usually I would just drive and drive all night until I reached our location. This usually meant missing out on enjoying the amenities that motels can offer. We have a very nice 42 inch pavv tv, nice ac room, large comfortable beds, valet parking....uh ok I could do with out that (I park my own ride!). There is a pc as well so that I can play eve...heh. Poor Yogita...there isn't a wireless spot here so only one of us can use the pc at a time....aaannd that's me! Actually this really is not a big deal, she is watching TV and thinking about our boys.

We really like this place so we might stay another night here...but we will see.


Well what do you know!

A typhoon was headed to our area yesterday afternoon, and cooling rains came. Now it feels great! Lower humidity, temps seem a bit lower. I just wish we could have had more cloud cover today.
We are still thinking about what do for our little vacation. I think we ought to go on a mini road trip. We will see. Yogita is interested in some valleys, friends have been telling us repeatedly about nice and cool they are, even in this heatwave. Yesterday in my listening class, we watched a news clip from a CNN Ireporter. It was about the heat, and pollution in Moscow. According that that report...700 people are dieing everyday due to heat, and pollution. I do not know if it is nationwide or the Moscow area. The reporter also said that in Russia due to mild temps in summer, most people do not use AC. I am now in the market for an AC, so um if you have a portable ac unit....one with wheels....lets us know!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heat Wave.....

My goodness I have never wished for rain so badly in a long time. It is hot and humid, and I am thinking about getting an AC, perhaps a portable unit that can be wheeled around. We can place it near us, and run it for 1 hour, then shut it off. I have seen some for sale for only 100-200,000 won, so I hope I can find one.

Our apartment would really feel great because air gets trapped in it. So one hour of cooling might last for 2 hours or more, until we feel uncomfortable enough to switch the unit back on. Oh well the search is on!


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Past!

I was reading my little sister's blog and it just hit me..literally hit me...wow! this is so true...(i am quoting from her blog...hope u don't mind Abu)

The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.

When we are living in the past we see people through a veil...our judgement is colored by their actions in the past...so in reality we don't see them as they are rather what we think they are....we overlook so many chances of loving and really enjoying the present because we are truly not free of the past...The Bible tells us that we need to look to the future....i catch myself doing this more often than i would like to admit.....but i am trying to let go of past grievances, enjoy the present and optimistically look forward to the future....not easy but worth it!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Life is but a dream.....

we were watching this movie "Repo Man" and in the movie the man actually is brain dead and due to scientific advancement he is able to live on in a dream world that his brain has created....it got me thinking of another movie that had a similar concept "Vanilla Sky".

It reminded me of the all time favorite melody "life is but a dream".....it is an interesting way to look at it...and just like in a dream we have the power to change things...we have the power to make choices and turn it around..change the outcome....

this is so true (Astrid Alauda): " Dreams are free, so free your dreams".