Friday, October 29, 2010

Slept at 4am......

I hate it when it happens during the week, but it is Friday so not too bad. Basically I could not turn off my cpu. Thoughts kept going through my head. We have a busy day ahead today. My morning class students are all busy so I have time to post this, and even get ahead on prep for next week. We have a another company renewing a contract...sooo thats sweet!

On a side note though I really hate insomnia it sucks. I kept thinking about our boys, my brown Abu. Thoughts about how to take of yet another round of level testing in an efficient manner. New movies that are coming out, cell phones I want to buy but won't, cause they are way to pricey.
Thoughts about my desktop, and how it seems to be a bit sluggish (not in games but, in every other activity). So that led me into making plans to reinstall the OS. Ugh.

We made dinner plans for Friday, I am still not sure if we ought to change them or not. The water in our building was shut off due to the water tank needing cleaning. I mean....what?! It is practically winter over here, and they feel the need to clean the tank now?! So we stayed at a motel over night. I guess that might have led to the insomnia.

Oh well....another day another dollar?

I think not. I needs my coffee.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Finally we can feel winter here in Gunsan! Today was cold, and very windy. So we are getting ready for a long cold winter. This year I have made made a promise to myself, and my family; no driving if snow is on the roads. Its that simple. I don’t care if we have 1 or 2 cars, they will remain in the underground parking lot, where one they are protected from the elements ice, and snow, and two will never require digging to get it out.

I paid about 1.5mill won in damages to my car because I decided to drive. Not this time around. Another thing I am noticing that my Korean co-workers having been following this very simple rule for years. So it is that simple...NO DRIVING WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND...PERIOD. We will take taxis, or buses.

I mean in Alaska obviously people would tell me to get my head checked. Alaskan roads are much safer due to major arteries being cleared, and salted. Here.....even the inter city roads don't get enough attention. One student told me how due to snow not being cleared, dozens of cars were involved in a huge pile up!

Well that will not be us...not this time!


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New beginnings

I feel more optimistic now, that the new teacher has arrived. The atmosphere is so much better. We have decided to make sure we do not hire someone who simply does not want to do the job. We have also decided that if we see we have made that mistake, they will be summerally let go. It is something we should have done 6 months ago.

Oh well all is well that ends well. Winter is coming and although I realize that it is fall, here in Gunsan it is a very short season. Fall began quite early for us, so I am thinking that winter will also come earlier that usual, and last for a longer period of time.

Jeyo is on the road to recovery thanks to Mom, Dad, Abu, and even George helped out! There is a possible wedding coming soon, so we are getting ready for it. I think I will have to take extra time off for this one. Ok I have to run! I still have pictures from Yeo-su that I need to post.


Friday, October 01, 2010

Finally is Friday!

It was a long week for us. Our little solider Jeyo is not feeling well, but he is full of fight! He even plays with a high grade fever. He is in the best of hands, and our prayers go to him.
George has been a great help to his little brother, and helps out a lot around the house.
I will be taking it easy this weekend, we had a lot on our hands this week.

I visited my friend for my car's monthly check up, she needs a couple of things done.
So to this week I say this "HA HA, I won! I made it to Friday!"