Thursday, January 20, 2011


Our search continues for air tickets even as time draws close to the big Korean holiday. It is very stressful because we have to work as well. I am sure something can be found. This weekend was cold cold cold. We had to burn bit oil to keep the house warm and...yes we got more snow. I think this is nutty weather. Gunsan hasn't gotten this much snowfall in decades, yet know we are getting it 2 years in a row.

Usually I do not like Monday's but today made me think about a friend of mine. His marriage isn't a happy one. It seems they both want what the other wants, but they are not willing to express how they feel. It's sad because when I talk about my wife....I have positive things to say. I smile when I think about her. This is not to say there aren't bumps in the road, only that those bumps are few and far between.

So here is to another monday!



Monday, January 17, 2011

Nice Weekend!

It is FREEZING in COLD......i am sitting in the teacher's office wrapped in layers upon layers of clothing, with my hat and gloves on sitting infront of a heater...making this post and i am NUMB.....LOL...can't wait for this weather to turn warmer....ok 'enuf complaining....

We had a wonderful weekend....we went on a drive, talked, listened to our favorite songs, enjoyed a nice meal and did EXCELLENT in was alot of fun and now the rat race begins...

We are in for another busy week but hey Tuesday is almost around the corner....Welcome to the life of an ESL teacher in Dae-han-min-kuk!!!!!!!!!

And on an extremely positive note, by the end of this week we will be proud owners of Iphone 4 (YEAH!!!!!)

Iphone 4

Well we finally did it folks....we are taking the plunge. We are joining the millions of iphone users around the world!

I do not think that it will make a big difference in the way I do things. I will likely be a bit more regular on facebook and updating here. We are getting an unlimited plan for internet usage. I might never use the wifi on the phone unless I am in another country.

I was more excited about the LG KS20 that I got back in 2008. I am sure I posted about that phone. It is nice....very sleek design, wifi bluetooth capable. I even upgraded it to windows mobile 6.2.

HOWEVER, it was slow. It was very slow when compared to a iphone 3. If I could do it all over again...I would have gotten a iPhone3, and I would have gone through the process to get it on Korea's telecom network.

Instead I was fed up with a product that really was LG's first attempt at developing a smart phone. The GPS unit that came with the phone was incomplete, so you could see this GPS icon did nothing. Absolutely nutty, I remember trying to use it thinking...WOW this is so awesome....NOT.

Oh well when it arrives perhaps tomorrow, or the next day I will have more to say.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hump day!

Well we had an unusually large lunch today (subway sandwiches). I feel very drowsy and too full.
Usually we enjoy light lunches, but today was an exception. We just could not help but give in to our subway craving. Yummy.

Now I regret it. I feel sooooo drained because all of my blood has gone to my stomach. Which means that I am mentally slow.

I have a project on my to do list for this month: restore the computer in the teachers office. I mean its has been there since 2002! I need to upgrade the cpu, graphic card, memory, power supply.....basically over haul the entire pc.

I am tired of looking at it. It is an eye sore in the teachers office.

So now I need to go looking for old pc parts......


Hump day

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011....first post

Yep it is the new year, and I will be one year older next week. Time seems to pass even faster as I get older. It feels like yesterday that it was 2009 in January, and I was posting on my blog. Now, here I am still in Korea, doing what I enjoy. I want to work hard at becoming a better father, and husband. I want to spend more quality time with family this year.

I also have travel plans as well, but not the "lets go backpacking" type of deal. I want to take a vacation in one area of a country, and explore and experience that area. I am interested in Manila, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. I want to travel to these places in the course of 2-3 years. I also think that it is about time that I travel to Cheju-do (Island). I have been all over this country, and even return to places again and again, but I have yet to travel to Cheju-do.

My sister in law Sanyogita recently got married, and I am eager to meet my new brother in law. I also will see India perhaps twice this year......(uh....I guess 2012 I can fulfill my other travel plans).

I feel quite fortunate to have had the experiences that I have had. Living here in Korea as a long time resident has changed me in many ways. My outlook on life is a bit different from what it used to be in America. Understanding another point of view has its challenges, while at the same time it can be quite fascinating.

Korea is a dynamic place, that is changing all of the time. It is exciting to see the change, and to be here while it is going on. I have also seen remarkable change in Lucknow, India. Today Lucknow is much more modern than just 4 years ago!

I want to be more active on this blog this year. So...this is to post number 1!