Monday, May 09, 2011


Well on kiddies day we went and saw Thor. It was ok, they took time to delve into Thor's character and show just how "human" his father made him. The action scenes were awesome.

After the movie we decided to hit up Macdonalds for some burgers. Um, it seemed as if all of Gunsan had the same idea. The massive parking lot was full, Emart was PACKED.

So we went to the beach. You really can not go wrong with the beach.

So now fast forward and here we are Monday.....with Tuesday being Budda's birthday. Today is actually what I like to call a Monday Friday. In the morning it feels like Monday, but by this feels like Friday. The remaining 3 days of this week I will be a little off.

This weekend though we will have no weekend classes so we want to take full advantage of the little break we are getting. Oh we did enjoy a whopper at Burger King, I think its the first whopper of the year for us.....LOL. (uh or the second...)


Children's day!

People are going to be out and about tomorrow, and in force because it has been almost 9 weeks since the last holiday. We are going to have as much fun as we can this time around.

A few years ago we went to a movie and watched the animation "Cars". Its was ok EXCEPT it was dubbed in Korean. So basically my wife, George, Rira, Eun, and Hun (her kiddies), paid rapt attention to the movie. Me? Well I struggled and struggled, and kept asking Yogita what was going on. You see I can understand spoken Korean to a degree I would say if I know the context I can understand about 60-70%. If the context is unknown to me, then my comprehension is much lower.

Oh we will see...


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What should I get?



I am weighing our options....oh....uh I am talking about cars again.....

Previously (last car post), I mentioned that I am thinking of buying a Hyundai Equus. Well now I think I ought to consider the SM7. It has one tiny thing that the Equus doesn't. A small sd card reader, and a usb port. I really need a large size luxury sedan, uh....I will just say large sedan (most cars have the so called luxury options nowadays). The car needs to have the regular comforts we are used to. Mainly power everything, with heated front and rear seats (reclining rear seats as well). A nice sound system (pretty much basic on most cars today. BUT, I am tired of dealing with cd's, and dvd's. First they get scratched easily, and heat in a car damages them over time.

Having a simple interface like usb, or an sd card makes my life MUCH easier. This is more so the case when you add in audio / video options that can take advantage of usb, and memory cards. Many drivers who have families like mine, are in their late 30's, or early 40's. Many of them simply have no clue about ipods, or itouch. For them pop in the cd and it will play, also many of them are not even fully aware of the options that are in their cars.

I need simplicity when I am on the road. I need multiple options. Ok we are in a traffic jam, lets listen to music.....ok we are bored of that hey lets watch a mini series, or connect to the internet via 3g (4g in the future), then we can play movies on the go!

I am strongly leaning towards the SM7 due to the ease at which it can use current multimedia gadgets, with its on board systems. HOWEVER! I must say that when pictures are taken of used cars, then posted don't really get the whole picture. A 2004, or 2005 Equus (I can not afford a 2006 and up), might have that option. It is very surprising to me when I go to car dealers, and I ask them about certain optional equipment, and they scratch their heads. Most people worry about the most basic options.

So we will see....I might post a link to facebook.....get some other opinions....hmmm.