Thursday, December 15, 2011

Windows 7!

Its been a rough week software wise. I bought a new game that REQUIRES windows 7 or vista. WOW....ok I have windows vista 64 bit. So I go ahead and install it. Boom I am hit with many issues. You see you need to update to sp1 (service pack), and my copy of vista (legal copy) REFUSED to update. It takes about 40 minutes JUST to see if your installation was a success.

Fortunately I had this windows 7 cd ordered and already on the way. Now I have it installed and it looks great and feels fast and nimble. BUT it uses ALOT memory, so there is another upgrade I need to deal with. Fortunately RAM is dirt cheap these days, HOWEVER we are using ddr2 not the current and readily available ddr3 (which is cheaper than ddr2).

ARRGGHH. I want to change the language to English which is possible but will invalidate my copy of windows 7....something I ain't doing!! Oh well I try this game out and see what happens. It is supposed to be directx 11 which is a whole new level to gaming....we will see.


p.s suck!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Time to post a entry

I have made several post I just never got around to posting them. This time I will.
My best friend and I are planning a mini road trip. We will go to Yeo-su and make our way to Busan via the new bridge. I am very excited but I feel doubtful if we are going to be able to take 3 days and 2 nights. His work schedule might not allow it. Anyways I can hope.

George has been doing really well in his studies and he really enjoys his assignments. I will buy a science kit for him soon. He now plays super nintendo games via an emulator that I have. Amazing stuff technology.

Yogita and I are loving our ipads, we mainly use them for reading books. SO much better to have 100's of books in one slim device! Today I will drive my friends Volvo (he better not back out at the last minute!). Yogi, and I will go with him to city nearby and we will meet another friend of his.

I really need to update this blog with some recent pictures....I just can't be bother to transfer the pictures from the DSLR to this PC. I really need to buy another multi-card reader.