Monday, May 14, 2012

Another trip to the Embassy

We are in Seoul at the moment tomorrow we will go to the Embassy and I will get a new passport. It seems like time really flies. The next time I will need a passport will be when I am 43 (44 in Korea). We had quite a drive up here. Tomorrow we will be doing two things first Embassy stuff early in the morning. Hopefully before lunch we will be done, and having lunch. After that we will head over to Electronic land, my favorite place We will be upgrading our pc's. Actually since Yogi isnt really into high end games her upgrades are quite simple. She will get a major ram upgrade (ddr2 up to 6-8gigs) and I will give her my gts 250. My graphic card can run eve very nicely and paired with loads of ram eve should run more smoothly at high settings. We also play battlefield 3 and she can run it quite well if she has enough ram at medium settings. BUT she really does play those games on a regular basis so im not going to spend too much money upgrading her rig. My rig on the other hand will get more love. I am upgrading to dd3 motherboard/ram....and MAYBE a i5 or i7 intel processor....A BIG MAYBE. The first gen i7's should be much cheaper now. In addition I will get a replacement to the gts 250 (oh the gts 250 is the 1gig version so yogi should be quite comfortable.) My graphic card...Im thinking nvdia again. ATi cards had very solid performance for me in the past but had many driver issues with games designed on a nvdia chipset. So I need a graphic card that kicks major butt. I will turn to facebook and get some advice as well doing some searching on my own. Also I am thinking about a new DSLR, or getting a new charger....I lost our old one...(maybe a second had Nikon d40). Ok im going to drink a bit of soju and review my options.... /tata