Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter in India well in Lucknow is quite chilly. It seeps down into your bones....but its nothing like winter in philly. In Philadelphia we had wind chill factors which would force the temps even lower. I remember ice storms that would leave centimeters of ice coating everything. Korea was similar with out the ice storms, but wow did it get cold.

Its funny when we walk about in Lucknow and people kind of gawk at me wondering how in the world am I not feeling cold. Of course once they learn "oh he is an American" then they sort of understand.

The longer I stay in India I spent time here in 2008 I realize that Koreans should stop feeling over proud of their 5000 year history. Welcome to India which is...MUCH older. Koreans visiting India's northeast will find life very very similar to that in Korea. India is just so much more diverse.

Soon we will be heading to New Delhi to take of Jeyo's passport renewal. I hope to get a nice feel of New Delhi from that trip.


You know when it is time to go when....

You know it's time leave your job when.... A family member of the owner can be trained to basically to the same job in less than a week of coaching. When your given more responsiblies with no pay raises or any other perks. When you state that you have other options, your employer panics makes promises then once he or she thinks you will not leave they do the same as stated above. When people who do not are not as senior get away with poor performance. When your well thought out suggestions get a "I'll think about it." with little to no follow up action. When a new employee is paid first and your boss utters these words "I want to be nice to new teacher" What the heck?!?!?! Pay raises get frozen unless you complain or make a stink. When your only spoken to when either there is a problem or some additional work or responsibilies management wants you to take on. When your contract looks the same year after year. This has bascially been my experience SO...I left! I will not be going back there has to be time when you have to say no to people who want to use you but will not pay you what your worth. Mrs Cho ought to be ashamed of herself. I understand Sheena and Ben more now. We should have left at that time. Her institute will become much much smaller. A few years from I will visit and people will have a vague memory of Hyundai Language Institute. Now its time to start a new story! /tata