Sunday, February 10, 2013

Crunch time and a bit of a recap!

Well first I need to sum some of our activities....I really need to update our blog more.

Aunt Goodie past away in Dec. very suddenly and what a heart wrenching time it was. My own mother having passed away not too long ago made it even more painful. Aunt Goodie was planning her son's wedding and she made special plans for it. It would have been amazing.

From what I remember of her she was always accepting, and had a ready smile. She accepted me as a brother even though I'm American. She even started to learn English in order to communicate better with me.

The wedding was 2 days was most unpleasant. Goodies husband must have canceled all of the special arrangements that were made. I will not go into detail here but I do not want to speak with him again.

Now we are at another cross roads. With the wedding behind us now (it was perhaps one of the major events of this year). We can now focus on the next step we ought to take. Should we return to Korea at least for a short term basis (1-2 years), or settle here and obtain work. With my PIO status I have the option to going to and working in India (with out a visa!) I should thank Mike again for helping with my birth certificate, that was alone the most challenging document to obtain because of Korea's restrictive policies on issuing global debit cards to foreigners. Once I again I should thank Omorro for helping us over years with his debit card!

So here we are...I  have PIO status, and we are going to be setting up interviews early next week in India. Mean while we will contact Mrs Cho and see if she needs us to  return.

I have been traveling around Uttar Predesh, and took a trip to New Delhi (jeyo's passport needed renewing).

So it feels to good to be at this point....the option to work and live in 3 different countries. It is part of something I have always wanted to do since I traveled to England in 1999. It is nice to be doing what you enjoy and not be locked into doing something your unhappy with. (another note to working in Gunsan)

Ok I will post some pictures now...