Thursday, December 12, 2013

Korea Ah Sa!

Wow I have not updated this blog in a long time.

Well its time for a bit of an update. We spent a year in India, and it was a lot of fun and of course we faced some tough spots. I would say that living in India takes a lot of patience. Of course I am refering to tech when I say this. I have found that I rely on the internet for communication, news, education, and entertainment. I had to live wth a much slower internet connection but I learned that 2mbps isn't all that bad all. Its not super but you can still stream videos reasonably well...not full HD but 720 seems to stream at watchable rates.

When we were in Hyderabad...WOW is all I can say. They have fiber optic lines, so we got the fastest available at that time which was 16mbs (almost 1.8MB/s) and I was in heaven! They do still have data caps which really suck! However, when you reach ur limit your pulled down to 6mps which is very reasonable. One company Airtel they are going to offer the same service in Lucknow 3500 rupees a month for 16mps (the max bandwith they are offering), however once you hit your limit they drop you to 256kbs.....WHAT?!?!?!?! Going from a whopping 16mbs to 256kbs is so unfair....they are forcing people to buy more bandwith.

So I was suprised to learn that 2mbs seems like the sweet spot for enjoying the internet.

Dealing with family taught me a lot as well. We went through ups and downs but came through it all in good shape. I really had a great time spending time with my brothers in law. We always had great conersations, and we were able to learn about each other. It was awesome! Jitu and I had some really wonderful conversations I miss them a lot. They live pretty far away so meeting with him was a special thing. Goldy and I became great pals, and enjoyed more time together. I hope that they will visit Korea I woud love show them Korea, and perhaps in the future we could all take a road trip across America.

Back in Korea its actually much better this time around. What I mean is our apartment is MUCH closer to the institute like 5 minutes walking..or maybe 7 minutes? I LOVE THAT! When I buy a car I will use it only 2-3 days week, not everyday and have to worry how gasoline prices.

Our diet has improved a lot since the last time we were in Korea. We meals that are smaller in portion size, aviod preprocessed foods and I feel great. I will ask Yogi to post some pictures on our blog.

I am a technophile so I have to meantion the internet...we are back at 100mbs.....ABOUT TIME. Its awesome!

I will breifly describe what internet speeds like that really mean. 100mbps doesnt mean that your webpages will load super fast. In fact a good (low latency) 2-4mbs connection will load a content rich  webpage at about the same time. You will barely notice any differance between a 4mbs connection and a 100mbs one.

What you will notice and what it important to me is crazy fast downloads, super smooth streaming video in full HD, updates for games, and programs are a hassle. If your gamer you know those patches can get really BIG like 2-4gigs. If you use a torrent you can usually get max download speeds for these files. When I download a game client I try to see if they offer options like torrents, or if I use download acceraters (these make it possible to use ur full bandwith by splitting the download up like a torrent so instead o 1 2MB/s download you will 2MB/s x 4  = 8MB/s. Still torrents with a good number of seeders cant be beat!

wow that was not breif at all! LOL