Thursday, November 06, 2014

Quick 4 minute Post!

Well all is well here in South Korea. Its getting colder, but actually I like the cold...just hate snow.

Looks like the time to buy a car is coming very soon. I got a good deal on a low mileage audi a8 ...perhaps I can buy it next week, or early next month...we will see.

My friend and I have decided to take a family trip to the Southeast Asia next Feb. Actually I think only we will go.

Yogi and I have a special 10 week class that we have a lot of prep work to do for it...regular story there.

The boys are getting bigger, and bigger, and devouring loads of food.
Yogi and I are spending loads to time together its nice having kids that are older so parents can get away from it all for a evening here and there.

OH...Burger King has come to Gunsan!!!!! Now...I know in America there are a plethora of awesome burger joints.

ok i gotta go class time!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Chusok

Well this year has been quite something. When we arrived last year we felt like fish out of the water again. Settling into another apartment. Well it hasnt been so bad! First this apartment while it is an older one is the best place we have been in. One it is 5 minutes away from work. One of the reasons I have been waiting on buying another car is due to this. Another thing I have realized is that driving my own car for corperate a bad thing. So...I will not be using our car for that. I will try to convince my boss to get a cheap car for the teachers to use.

The boys love it being back! Jeyo and George have a lot going on. They play like I did when I was younger. Yogi and I are having "dates" almost every Friday.

Anyways its good being back, and while this year is ending, I look forward to the next year.

So perhaps the next post will cover what car I bought...who knows!


Thursday, May 08, 2014

The aftermath... most holidays 3 day weekends or in this case 4 day flew by!

All in all the trip was ok, it could have been better....I think next time I will travel to the Southern parts of South Korea on long on any holiday! It seems that people don't like driving all the way to the south. About 30-40% of Koreans live in the northwest (Seoul, Incheon, and all of the surounding cities). What happens it that most of them tend to head east its only 2-3 hours from Seoul to get to the east coast. This leads to gridlock which really sucks!

Seok-cho was extremely crowded with traffic jams being the order of the day especially in the nice tourist attractions. Note to self: travel during Academy holidays NOT NATIONAL HOLIDAYS!

The boys loved it they played for 2 hours on Sunday at a Beach in Gan-Seong. I loved that area which is located about 30km north of Seok-cho. It wasnt so crowded the hotels were RIGHT on the beach! I think next time I will take my family there.

Oh and it was extremely windy! The rental car actually felt like it was being pushed into another lane.

ok its tgif tomorrow!


Friday, May 02, 2014

We are ready!

Well its friday and the work day is almost over. We rented the car check, made reservations at a hotel practically right on the beach check!!!, bags packed boys and wife excited...check! Weather conditions ....what heck!? It was so beautiful very windy and cloudy. I don't know what this could mean for the east coast.... Man this will suck big time if it rains. This holiday will be 4 days if you include the weekend. I am stoked I rented my favorite car (its the Lotze inovation) it does not have super handling, but it has a lot of options that I like. It's fun to drive but not awesome like my Enterprise.

Ugh I will have to get the boys ready get our things into the car. The whole time worrying if it will rain....

Well I will hope for the best!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Middle of the week!

Well it is Wednesday and the end of next week we will go on our first vacation of the year. I am very excited about it. We still have our tent from 2012, so we will set it up and relax on the beach. I plan on getting a lot of reading done while relaxing on the beach. Taking drives in the area and having family cookouts. My students are interested in doing something together but I am not sure what they have in mind. 

I hope that my friend can come along with us but maybe not this time. The last time we went up we had a great time. We relaxed the beach, shopped at emart for food, had jack and coke on the beach. It was a lot of fun. At that time I tried to get my friend to come along but it was too fat for him... 

Perhaps I can convince him and his wife to go this time....I will try my best cause it would be even more fun for all of us....

Fingers crossed!

/ tata

Friday, April 18, 2014

4 minutes till my last class of this week!

Ok so once again I have been neglecting this blogging dead? No way!!

Anyways some updates 2 days ago a ferry sunk off of the southwest coast of South Korea. It is such a terrible event, made even worse that it was not due to bad weather, rough seas... It seems that it was human error, a very sharp turn was made which unbalanced the 6800 ton ship...and it capsized.

It looks like over 200 people may have perished even though they are only reporting that 25 have died so far.

Other news...the cherry blossoms opened up quite early this year, it was strange to hang out with Sun and his family while freezing our bums off. It was very cold and the wind.....ouch.

Now we are in the stages of planning yet another family trip...these get more and more fun. This time I would like to go a beach....but it is likely we might end up a resort. Maybe I will post a day to day update on that...

Anyways, it is friday and I know for a fact 3 of   my students will not  come in. So there is a possiblity that one will show up.

It has been almost 5 months since we have returned and we are loving it!

Oh yeah...I rented a car last weekend...the tosca it was a nice drive. George and jeyo really enoyed the beach. I really need to upload those pictures on facebook.

ok now I better go!


Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Wow long time no post here!

It has been a very smooth transistion back to life in South Korea. We have decided on taking it easy, not running around working and working. Just handle what we can not go over board. In addition no more impulsive shopping on my part. Yup in our family I am the big spender. Usually it is big ticket items like cars or some household appliance, or pc related upgrades.

I have been running on the same pc specs for about 2 years (almost). I have come to one conclusion: the need to upgrade is all hype. If you make smart choices when it comes to tech there really is no need to keep upgrading every 6 months.

Smart phones: Multi core cpus, with 8Mega pixel digital camera, you will be able to use it for years!
Its the same deal for tablets. I wisely waited for the ipad2. When I heard that it was going to be dual core, I waited sevaral months (consumer reviews were read). I was very happy with the solid performance people reported. So we bought ipad2's. It has been 2.5 years and they are both going strong. I am no so heavy into gaming on my ipad2 like I was before, mainly reading, social media updates, checking email, and watching youtube videos.

Computers: i7 it has the best value with the hyper threading giving it 8 cores. While there are faster cpus out gaming its all about your gpu. Our graphic card: the gtx 560 (I have a ti) are more than up to the task with the games that we play. I have decided I WILL NOT upgrade unless we notice HUGE performance drops. If I do upgrade it will likely be a gtx 590 or perhaps the gtx 650 or 660? By that time they will be so cheap!

Cars: In the past I was so impuslive the cars I like are not super expensive (they were 10 years ago...but who is I have decided to wait spend a bit more to get somethng that matches us more closely. Equus, SM7, Opirus XG, or TG granduer, these models have come down a lot in price but they have what we will need in car. For me the hint is: wait and watch. Don't run out and  purchase on a whim   like i used to do.

Ok i gotta go!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woke up late...

Ugh one of those mornings where things just go wrong! First I wake up when my alarm goes off and I turn it off by mistake. Usually I just put it on snooze then after 8 minutes I get up. This morning...I turned the damned thing off! Of course I didn't realize it. Then our backup which is Yogita's Iphone''s alarm app goes off. But its so annoying that usually she just turns it off, we basically use my Ipad to wake up. So...I was 30 minutes late....that sucked. I apologized to my students....and now we will have 2 ipads to wake us up. LOL

We have another holiday at the end of this month. We are thinking about renting a car and going on a nice drive but we will have to see. Last weekend we went on a nice hike in the mountain behind our apartment. Actually I think we walked around 5 km in all. IT FELT GREAT. I took a lot of nice pictures....I will upload them sometime this week.

Ok I gotta go


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Settling in!

It has been quite an experience settling in this time round. I think a year away has improved many things. The apartment we are in is so much nicer, much larger (3 bedrooms!). Its so nice to be online with a proper internet connection, the download limits that some ISP's use....SUCKS!!

The Boys are settling in just fine. George was relieved to be back...I don't blame him. Jeyo was used to being the "master" of the house. Well lets just say he has fallen in line very nicely indeed! The bad habits that were allowed with him still pops up here and there but its fading fast. I think the place where you are born really calls to us humans. George and Jeyo both are really into Korean food, and the whole experience of being here. India was very laidback and boring to be honest. People might head to mall now and then but travelling far from home, to dropping by the beach is just not a common activity. I am not saying that boring life style of lucknow is bad, it is good very little stress, but after experiencing what I have...I don't want that kind of life style. Living in South India was AWESOME!!! However, we missed Korea SOOO MUCH!

So far everything is going as planned, exactly as I planned. This makes me very happy indeed! Future plans include purchasing a car, living a very laidback life style (something I learned to do in Lucknow see its not so bad!) Educate our boys while figuring out what George wants to do. Actually their studies are progressing quite well.

This year I hope to invite family from India, but it really depends on timing, scheduling and what not. We are all so busy. Perhaps late this year or early next year I will visit Philadelphia. I need to see the places where I grew up! I want to share that with Yogi, and my boys.

Dad Jitu and Goldy I miss our conversations a lot!