Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Woke up late...

Ugh one of those mornings where things just go wrong! First I wake up when my alarm goes off and I turn it off by mistake. Usually I just put it on snooze then after 8 minutes I get up. This morning...I turned the damned thing off! Of course I didn't realize it. Then our backup which is Yogita's Iphone''s alarm app goes off. But its so annoying that usually she just turns it off, we basically use my Ipad to wake up. So...I was 30 minutes late....that sucked. I apologized to my students....and now we will have 2 ipads to wake us up. LOL

We have another holiday at the end of this month. We are thinking about renting a car and going on a nice drive but we will have to see. Last weekend we went on a nice hike in the mountain behind our apartment. Actually I think we walked around 5 km in all. IT FELT GREAT. I took a lot of nice pictures....I will upload them sometime this week.

Ok I gotta go


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Settling in!

It has been quite an experience settling in this time round. I think a year away has improved many things. The apartment we are in is so much nicer, much larger (3 bedrooms!). Its so nice to be online with a proper internet connection, the download limits that some ISP's use....SUCKS!!

The Boys are settling in just fine. George was relieved to be back...I don't blame him. Jeyo was used to being the "master" of the house. Well lets just say he has fallen in line very nicely indeed! The bad habits that were allowed with him still pops up here and there but its fading fast. I think the place where you are born really calls to us humans. George and Jeyo both are really into Korean food, and the whole experience of being here. India was very laidback and boring to be honest. People might head to mall now and then but travelling far from home, to dropping by the beach is just not a common activity. I am not saying that boring life style of lucknow is bad, it is good very little stress, but after experiencing what I have...I don't want that kind of life style. Living in South India was AWESOME!!! However, we missed Korea SOOO MUCH!

So far everything is going as planned, exactly as I planned. This makes me very happy indeed! Future plans include purchasing a car, living a very laidback life style (something I learned to do in Lucknow see its not so bad!) Educate our boys while figuring out what George wants to do. Actually their studies are progressing quite well.

This year I hope to invite family from India, but it really depends on timing, scheduling and what not. We are all so busy. Perhaps late this year or early next year I will visit Philadelphia. I need to see the places where I grew up! I want to share that with Yogi, and my boys.

Dad Jitu and Goldy I miss our conversations a lot!