Thursday, May 08, 2014

The aftermath... most holidays 3 day weekends or in this case 4 day flew by!

All in all the trip was ok, it could have been better....I think next time I will travel to the Southern parts of South Korea on long on any holiday! It seems that people don't like driving all the way to the south. About 30-40% of Koreans live in the northwest (Seoul, Incheon, and all of the surounding cities). What happens it that most of them tend to head east its only 2-3 hours from Seoul to get to the east coast. This leads to gridlock which really sucks!

Seok-cho was extremely crowded with traffic jams being the order of the day especially in the nice tourist attractions. Note to self: travel during Academy holidays NOT NATIONAL HOLIDAYS!

The boys loved it they played for 2 hours on Sunday at a Beach in Gan-Seong. I loved that area which is located about 30km north of Seok-cho. It wasnt so crowded the hotels were RIGHT on the beach! I think next time I will take my family there.

Oh and it was extremely windy! The rental car actually felt like it was being pushed into another lane.

ok its tgif tomorrow!


Friday, May 02, 2014

We are ready!

Well its friday and the work day is almost over. We rented the car check, made reservations at a hotel practically right on the beach check!!!, bags packed boys and wife excited...check! Weather conditions ....what heck!? It was so beautiful very windy and cloudy. I don't know what this could mean for the east coast.... Man this will suck big time if it rains. This holiday will be 4 days if you include the weekend. I am stoked I rented my favorite car (its the Lotze inovation) it does not have super handling, but it has a lot of options that I like. It's fun to drive but not awesome like my Enterprise.

Ugh I will have to get the boys ready get our things into the car. The whole time worrying if it will rain....

Well I will hope for the best!