Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Chusok

Well this year has been quite something. When we arrived last year we felt like fish out of the water again. Settling into another apartment. Well it hasnt been so bad! First this apartment while it is an older one is the best place we have been in. One it is 5 minutes away from work. One of the reasons I have been waiting on buying another car is due to this. Another thing I have realized is that driving my own car for corperate a bad thing. So...I will not be using our car for that. I will try to convince my boss to get a cheap car for the teachers to use.

The boys love it being back! Jeyo and George have a lot going on. They play like I did when I was younger. Yogi and I are having "dates" almost every Friday.

Anyways its good being back, and while this year is ending, I look forward to the next year.

So perhaps the next post will cover what car I bought...who knows!