Thursday, November 06, 2014

Quick 4 minute Post!

Well all is well here in South Korea. Its getting colder, but actually I like the cold...just hate snow.

Looks like the time to buy a car is coming very soon. I got a good deal on a low mileage audi a8 ...perhaps I can buy it next week, or early next month...we will see.

My friend and I have decided to take a family trip to the Southeast Asia next Feb. Actually I think only we will go.

Yogi and I have a special 10 week class that we have a lot of prep work to do for it...regular story there.

The boys are getting bigger, and bigger, and devouring loads of food.
Yogi and I are spending loads to time together its nice having kids that are older so parents can get away from it all for a evening here and there.

OH...Burger King has come to Gunsan!!!!! Now...I know in America there are a plethora of awesome burger joints.

ok i gotta go class time!