Friday, March 13, 2015

Another loss....

This week my twin brother lost his father in law. It never ceases to amaze me how when you think things are at least stable....reality strikes. I pray that he can get through this many are praying for him and Wendy (my sister law). She lost her can tell in photos taken and posted on facebook Wendy shared a special bond with her father.

The way she smiled while holding on to his arm. It's a relationship I can only wonder what it was like. She will see him soon, and she will cry...but then again we will all be crying...tears of joy!
Those are the best tears.

So another Friday in South Korea, and Wendy and Omorro are on my mind. I remember the help they gave me when we were last in Alaska. Also when I had to crash at his place while waiting on visa papers go through back in 2008. I wish I could be there now.


Monday, March 09, 2015

The long stretch!

Well now that the holidays are over it is back to business. Basically new classes begin after a short downtime (sometimes we forget to enjoy it when the workload becomes lighter). I now have a corporate class that is restarting, I am every happy about the text book that I choose for the class.

Yogita is doing well, in fact she is quite happy that we have a car now. No more taxis or waiting around for one. For me this means more driving.....well I like driving so its no biggie. My brother in law bought a car late last year or perhaps in the summer of 2014 I will have to ask him.

Our boys are loving Korea, Jeyo has put on loads of weight and now actually enjoys food. George looks to be enjoying reading more. He is actually a budding trekkie, I often have to school him on the finer points of StarTrek.

My short term plans so far are upgrading my ram, and making some changes to Yogi's pc...her cpu lags on one of the games we play. Its really strange because it is a 3.5ghz quad core cpu but it is an AMD cpu, and lacks the hyperthreading that my i7 cpu has. But the lagg she has isn't a constant thing, but when things get very active in game...the lagg monster strikes! For me I am noticing that when we are watching programs, and I surf the net, and try to run 2 EVEONLINE clients....nearly all of my 8gigs is used up. So for the short term I will up my ram to 16gigs and yogi's to 12.

Upgrading her cpu might be the cheapest option perhaps a 6 core cpu? We will see.
Our car's transmission will need some work perhaps in April, but before the hot summer months. Oh yeah I have got the boys a PC, they currently use my old Ipad1 so for educational, and recreation they have a an old Pentium 4D system I will put a my old Nvidia GTS 250 in it...I love that card! It will not be taxed too greatly. The boys will basically be playing old arcade games, and some games that I will review to make sure it is ok for them. Oh and...NO INTERNET access for that way!

Ok gotta go!


We recently watched an had these cute guys in it....LOL