Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A wonderful trip!

So we set out to Go-seong which is about 30km north of Seok-cho, and wow were we very surprised! In this small town we found that prices were MUCH lower, however next time we will make sure to bring our portable stove. We basically camped out on the beach all day. I loved it. Yogita and I figured out that the teachers we lent our tent to lost 2 of our poles. We had to come up with a rather unusual set up because the tarp we used to cover our tent and give extra shade kept getting knocked down because of the wind.

So this is the place we will go if we want to get away from it all. I think later this year in fall or winter months we head to Nam-hae (basically that means southern area).
We rented a Kia K5 for the trip and due to the low cost of lpg fuel cost were much lower than if we used our Equus. In addition there are many mountains, and our Equus would have guzzled fuel like crazy.

Oh another thing; the hotel was right on the beach, and during peak season they even offer some basic meals. We will be posting pictures on facebook, and this blog.

Also another nice thing about that area is that it was not very crowded at all! No traffic jams, the beaches were very clean with crowds of tents, and not littered with junk, and trash from other beach goers.

The trip home was very long and we got a very good  idea of what it was like to travel in Korea before the numerous highways we have today. Long but very scenic!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Hmm 3 days off this month....

So what do to do...what to do. Well first off we have a wedding to attend in Seoul. I have not decided if I will drive my Eqqus, or rent a car. I really need a working navigation, getting around Seoul isn't impossible but it is just much easier with one.
This week we need to set up a wireless Internet hot spot to help us communicate with our friends, and get our Korea.

It seems like this Friday will be a holiday so I will head up to Seoul and perhaps using craigslist purchase some PC components like CPU water coolers, and a more advanced CPU/motherboard for Yogita. In addition I need a wind breaker for this coming winter..I hate heavy coats but a nice wind breaker does just the trick.

We are also getting a day off on the 25th of this it never ends. We have made plans to travel with my best friend but....I am not dead set on following through with those plans. I hope we can come up with something more exciting.

OK its time to close up the academy!