Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My views on Korean style camping

In Korea camping is not really an exercise in roughing it. Actually its seems more like an overnight show and tell. People bring tents that are so large and overly complicated that it takes almost 2 hours to set up their tents. 2 HOURS. One student of mine said that its not setting up a tent its a "construction job". Now I am not saying having large tents that are like mini homes is a bad thing. Its just really strange when people go through all the hassle just for ONE night, setting up a very large tent.

In Korea the term "glamping" is basically taking the words glamours, and camping then smashing them together. It isn't really camping. It's a glamours style of camping in which you are showing off your status.

When we went to the campsite Yogita and I had both of our tents up in 40 mins. It took so long because we didn't understand the directions for the new tent. The pictures were wrong, and the directions where a bit vague. However, after we figured it out I am sure we could erect both tents in 20 mins, with another 10 minutes securing them if it is a windy day. The day we went it rained very heavily and our older tent had to be taken down, too much water was pooling at the base of the tent.

So will I buy a massive tent? No! But I will buy a very large tarp that I can use for extra shade and protection against heavy rain. I saw only 2 other families with tents like ours BUT they had a large tarp which kept the rain out.

Korea....glamping is kind of over kill, its just camping.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Camping this weekend!

Yeah that is right we are going to go camping this weekend. We have owned our tent for 3 years and have used it 3 times, on the beach.

Korea goes through these periods were certain activities that are quite common in the States, takes on a huge radical following in Korea for a few years at a time. This time it is camping. I first started noticing the increase in popularity due to reality programs where celebs rough it for a couple days.

It was perhaps in 2012 I noticed more and more "camping grounds". Places with neat little partitions where people pitch their tent. Well the camping fever has increased even more. Campsites seem to be everywhere. In Korea distance is very important. People feel that traveling 300 miles is like traveling 1000 miles in America, or Canada.

Its really funny I keep trying to encourage my friend to take a trip thats like 400 kilometers round trip....every time...he saids "its too far bro". AAHGGHHGHGH

With this in mind camp ground owners know this. So they set up practically in your backyard. Ok well not like that but they are only 15-20 minutes from Gunsan.

So this week we will buy a second larger tent, 2 chairs (folding types), and some mats we can place on the floor of tent as padding. Other people are bringing other supplies so it is a team event. This week ought to be exciting preparing for the expedition that is only a stones throw distance by car. Heck the Equus won't even get a chance to stretch her legs and let her 3.5 liter V6 Roar. No its more like "Ok guys lets go!",,,short time later "We are here!" No rest stops, or bathroom breaks. scenic views where you have to call the drivers to arrange a short stop to take some nice photos.

Even so I am excited! LOL

Pictures will be coming!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Why don't couples invest in themselves?

I have a friend, who is in an unhappy marriage. I have another friend who had a marriage that failed. I have people around me who are just not happy. I should say that there are some couples that are happy. One way in Korea that I can see a couple investing in each other is if they spent time together without the kids. You can see this in shopping centers, and restaurants. In parks you can see older couples walking hand in hand without the little ones in tow.

However, most parents will say: "After getting married, I must spend all of my time taking care of my kids". Usually women say this, men due to work they say something along the lines of needing to work hard and make money. That means: women 95% focus on their kids, while men 95% focus on work (that includes a number of "activities" that are work related).

So when people see me laughing with my wife of 15 years, they are shocked. They don't seem to remember the fun they had when they were newly married. When after work they would spend time just being together. Sharing and exploring each others hobbies, or venturing out into areas of new interests. This is not to say that Americans, or Indians do it better. I feel that the same thing happens only slightly different due to cultural differences.

When I was India I was proud of my brother and sister in law who would take regular excursions with out the little one. It builds couples up. There is no need to feel guilty. My boys have even told us they are happy when they see us having a good time together.

People WAKE UP, happy couples = happy families! Stop wasting time following worldly trends, and look at the person you married. Become one flesh! You will have a great time!