Thursday, August 27, 2015

Picnic or maybe camping...

Well this weekend we will be having a picnic with many of our adult students. Yogita and I want to create a special interest group based on English. Mainly, we will meet at least once a month (except vacation season in July and August). We will either have dinner, go hiking, spend some time at the beach, basically some activity with one rule: You must try to use only English. Now I use the word try for a reason, not everyone has the same proficiency in English. So for members who are not able to speak so well, they should at least try. 

It was not easy finding a good location but we were able to find a spot in Gunsan near the estuary dam, or dike. I look forward to seeing everyone there and I will make sure to post pictures of our activities on facebook, and this blog.

On a side note...I am very glad that I have this blog, and I have posted somewhat regularly over the years. For example I thought I bought our iphones in 2010. Actually we bought them in 2011. 2011 all cell phones could be unlocked for free. So when we went to India in late 2012 any cellphone we bought from Korea would have been unlocked. Nice to have a blog where I can go back and check on things. Abu got married late 2010, or early 2011. I had that all wrong as well too...


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finally the weather cools!

Well it is that time yet again. Actually, right now we are on an operation in eve online. Basically, 79 people form a fleet of ships, and head to fight some rival faction. It is very very boring because there are many things are op sec. We as line grunts just follow orders. The highlight is when the shooting starts. Mayhem at times, sheer fun delight.

What makes this night even better is that we have a nice cool breeze blowing through our apartment. AHH, I will I have a bit of vodka later to warm the bones.

Yogita is having a blast while we wait on a stargate (remember...op sec), reading old post on this blog....I HOPE SHE STARTS TO CONTRIBUTE AGAIN.

This weekend we plan to go to beach with a large group of our students. I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them to youtube. This will be bigger than our camping trip. I am thinking about doing more events like this.

It looks like there might be almost 17-18 people joining us on the beach!

This is a ...cow.....ok its a random pic. Dad and I went to a rural area to meet a friend of his whose name guessed it Jamal!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Work work....

More classes more hours, its all good cause..well its work. This weekend I just want to relax at home. Maybe go for an early morning drive, perhaps pick up some doughnuts, and coffee, hot chocolate for the boys. Head to a small beach in Jang-hang, or perhaps somewhere else.

We are so behind the latest tv shows that we are having a very good time downloading and watching mini series. I will buy a 1.5 or 2 terabyte external hard drive to store ONLY tv programs, and some movies. Having such a set up is so nice. You never know when it might come in handy. For example in 2013 I got sick in India, it was nothing serious but we had startrek DS9, and voyager thats like 100 gigs right there. We also had other programs, this time around I want all of it on an external drive. External HHD's are more durable than the regular drives (SSD is the king of course but that tech is still too expensive for mass storage). Solid State Drives (SSD) are still pretty expensive. I could see buying a couple of 250 gig drives for our programs, and game folders. However, for mass is still a bit pricey. For photos 32gig sd cards are nice, videos on the other need the cheaper larger drives.

So if I end up back in the States, or India where the internet isn't cheap with limitless downloads, a large external drive with all of our mini series will be awesome.

It is crazy but Yogita and I have been in Korea almost years...well since we returned at the end of 2013. Time really does fly! My best friend and I have had many good times together, along with our families. Take for instance last week, Sun had a family get together but families are families there are always those tense moments. So we made a plan to "show up" at the same location, and diffused some of the tension, and he and I spent some rare time together. His work schedule doesn't allow him time for weekend fun with his family. I have to say giving up weekend work has made a huge difference with yogi and I.

Well time to get busy! Our next vacation err holiday will be in about 5 weeks.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

unexpected holiday...thank you Madam President

Well  it seems because this year will mark the 70th anniversay of South Korea's (I guess North Korea too?) independence friday will be an optional holiday. In addition all highways will be free of cost!!!! NO TOLLS! 

This is a bittersweet pill for yogi and I, cause if we had known about this we would have gone to the east coast on Friday (at the end of this week). 
I was just told that a 24 year old man killed himself at Unpa lake park. It seems he could not land a job and out of frustration he ended his life. I am sure that it is more to it than that. Likely, he suffered from depression, and not obtaining a job pushed him over the top. 
I feel that young Korean men do not want to get low paying jobs, they hold out for cushy salaried positions. This is terrible because even with a low paying job they can still support themselves. Most of these young peope live at home, so it isnt like they have to stress about finding their own place. In addition there are so many western style studio apartments popping up everywhere. These apartments are not expensive. There is a large one near our hagwon. 

Abu was hospitalized yesterday, and given treatment. She was released today, and is doing well. As she is going to have a baby, this is a very stressful, and to be honest quite scary event. I am happy that  she is doing well. Even as I write this she is resting at home getting ready for lunch. Lets hope she eats for 2! 

Ok I gotta go!


Random picture

I was cutting steak when we went camping about a month and a half ago. Oh Jeyo ISNT SLEEPY!!! He was caught mid blink!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Post vacation!

Wow I dont rememeber Korea being this humid and hot in the 15 years I have spent here. Our vacation was awesome. But, it sure was hot! 

Firstly, we stuck to our guns and left Gunsan very early, something I usually do when I travel with just my family. We got really lucky and the place we stayed at charged us only 100 bucks. Actually the owners son was there, and he didn't try to squeeze more cash out of us. He was just an honest boy. 
We posted a short video on facebook, but the place where we stayed was so nice. It was right in the middle of a valley, at the base of the mountain that muju resort is situated on. 

Hats off to Sun, I really thought this trip would be like the others. What a pleasant time we had. We all enjoyed water gun fights, splashing around in the creek, while drinking a few beers.

We ventured out after dinner for some chicken and beer in muju resort it's self. Early the next morning we went for nice walk around a scenic lake. Life in Korea is hectic at the best of times. It can be  real grind as well, when work hours pick up. Trying to get a few days here and there to take it easy, is a real challenge. 

Our goal before Chu-sok is a get started on a TESOL program for yogi and I. This added cirtificate is widely sought after in the ESL industry. We have given guidance to students over the years who were enrolled in the program. So we have seen what it is about. 

Yogita and I are reading some really interesting books, which is helping us beat the heat!
Oh the boys well....they are young they have a good time regardless.