Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chusok and....a NIECE!

We just got the good news yesterday, Abu my sister in law just had a baby girl. She was born 10 days early but she is doing well and yesterday thanks to Jitu (my brother in law), we found out that she is back home resting with her new daughter. 

I am sure they are going to have their hands full, but it is a blessing as well! 
This Chusok we will not be traveling, we will stay local and go on day trips. Yogita and I will head out on the town to explore the post chusok crowd. 

We went camping last weekend was pretty cold. IF we go camping we are going to dress more warmly. With thermal underwear which we can change into stored in our tents. 

Also if we go camping this time we so some American style grilling burgers, steaks and the such. 

ok I gotta run! It is a hump day!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mini Pc update time

Last time I upgraded our PC's it was just RAM and a larger monitor for Yogita. This time I need to make a choice because I can not afford a major overhaul. Basically Yogita's Pc's weakest point is her CPU. It is a fx 4100 AMD quad core cpu. It operates at 3.6 GHz, and well that sounds nice isn't. I admit when I bought the CPU it was an upgrade to her AMD triplecore cpu. It was nice a cpu but start showing its age after 4 years.
The main issue is that the cpu really struggles with games. You can tell by looking at CPU activity. When the CPU is at 80-90% when running a are going to run into lag, not internet based....but PC lag. This is much worse as it can cause a computer to hang (freeze).

I thought increasing RAM, and cleaning her GPU would work. It did, but now her system runs OK, but still its on the edge of hanging, or just crashing. So I need to figure out a cost effective way to fix this. I have 2 solutions. One, upgrade her CPU to a higher spec AMD cpu, or get a second hand motherboard cpu combo, the cpu would be an Intel cpu, i5, or i7. Older i5's and i7's are still really good cpus. The i5 is a real work horse it is a quad core, while the i7 is a quad core with hyperthreading, so it is like you have 8 cores. I have an i7 3770k cpu. I bought it in 2012, and at the time it had be released 6 months ago. Even now I get NO issues from my CPU. My issues are RAM and gpu related our gtx 560 ti's are starting show driver issues. I think a reformat might be in store for me.

Time to check out cpu benchmarks, and reviews. In addition I need to get her water cooling, it is so much easier to maintain! In addition it is more effective. I love my water cooled i7!


Thursday, September 03, 2015

Cooler weather is finally here!

Of course in Lucknow India there is a heatwave that is still on going. Here in east Asia cooler weather is finally approaching. Last weekend we went camping and it went really well. I have to post pictures of that perhaps in an upcoming post. I learned more about the first tent that we bought. Yogita and I have always wondered what a set of springs did at the top of the tent. We would always run into issues because the support poles would always buckle. Well what you are SUPPOSED to do is push that spring down to give tension to the support poles. Once we did, even though it was very windy that tent held up just fine.

Some updates on our boys...George is now taller than Yogita and almost as tall as I am. Jeyo is growing slowly, but wow he is far more healthier now. This not a diss on Indian food. Rather it is noting that when parents listen to kids, not using common sense, or rather ignoring common sense cause you know kids are cute.... Jeyo was borderline underweight. When we were in India he would get sick, and would need DAYS to recover. I knew something wasn't right, and I saw it practically the first day we were in India. It was at mealtime. I saw my youngest son eating ketchup instead of eating the veggies. The main dish he would put on this pout and say in Hindi "its too spicy", and he would cough on cue. What an act! Well in conclusion to this story lets just say now Jeyo RARELY gets sick and when he does rest with plenty of fluids does the trick. Also he LOVES more foods now than he ever did. Last month he said "Mommy I wish I ate all of my food when I was in India". The reason...because he now could see what he was missing out on.

Favorite foods my boys enjoy: any kind of grilled meat with veggies, dal and rice with veggies (along with a spicy chutney), salads, all kinds of seafood....the list could go on and on.

They play in the same way I used to play with my brothers. We called it "Land" basically we each had a nation state, and would war with each other sign treaties. It was good fun. I am still looking for a mmorpg that do something similar. There are some out there...

ok I think this a good time to sign off with my usual...