Thursday, October 22, 2015

Camping part 3

Well it looks like we are going to do this again. This time Gospel (english nickname) a friend of mine has free time at the end of this month basically next week. He works on the US air force base, and I think they will be closed for halloween. That means camping! Of course this is a Korean style camping meaning that there are many amenities, more than a typical American campsite. Well what I mean is Koreans who glamp (glamorous camping) practically bring their living room with them, and half of the kitchen. I want to take some detailed pictures next week to illustrate this. Who knows perhaps I am wrong and this might be another global trend, and I am just behind the times.

Next Monday I will order this. Actually this isn't exactly what it looks like but it is pretty close. It isn't too expensive or even very heavy about 10kgs. I hope that I can place my other tents under it. Or at least place one tent under it. We will have to see. I do not relish the idea of sleeping with my boys under one tent. Jeyo moves and moves and moves, George is ok, but...I want privacy...also Charlie might be with us as well...So um....its better if I can place the tents under it.
I plan on cooking up some American style burgers, and shish kabobs later in the day. Oh yeah hotdogs too!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogging from my lg g pro2

I installed the blogger app on my new smart phone. This is actually better because now I can upload more pictures as I use this camera more than my dslr. It looks like we will be going camping at the end of this month. The only thing is that a location hasn't been decided on yet.

Other stuff my back has been killing me. I think it is due to constantly changing my position while sleeping. Ugh.

This week I will finalize the website. Actually it will be a rough draft. We will use both English and Korean. It is time to properly reach people who want to study English. In gunsan we are still basically the only place that specializes in adult esl classes.
Yogita and i have been enjoying beef sashimi in our neighborhood. I will post a few pics below.

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Income stream!

Well first I am so happy to with Yogita. She has put her writing skills to good use. Right now we will be blogging and getting paid for it. Its not alot of money but we have found that this really fits us. Of course we are not quitting our day jobs! But it is nice to have money set aside in a paypal account that we will never touch. Meanwhile the next venture will be editing, proofreading. Editing documents is something that we do on a regular basis for free. It is time to get paid for it. Countless times I have corrected cover letters, essays, and even science papers. In Korea people really have poor writing skills. It is something that just isnt focused on. This is mainly due to the fact that education in Korea is largely driven by parents (mothers) who know only how they were educated. In addition every odd idea that some guru comes up with moms go nuts over it. For example one year it was using ONLY flashcards. Teaching students using ONLY one source of material in which many of the phrases were wrong can drive one up the wall. 

We might be going camping with Gospel at the end of this month. He is getting time off for halloween. I hope his schedule changes he really needs to practice his English, also he was nice addition to my class. This week on Tuesday was our 15th wedding anniversary. We will celebrate tonight, I know what I want to do....only going to that area of is pretty far from the main area of Gunsan. Basically, I want to try authentic Vietnamese food. The issue is that the resturant is in the industrial zone, actually it is in the newly expanded part of the zone. 

My best friend will be getting his new car this week. So perhaps we will hang out, of course we will have a photo op. I hope to spend more time with him but I think he doesn't hanging out with his wife all that much. This makes me think of a previous post where I rant on about how couples do not invest in each other. Oh well time to update the eve blog.