Tuesday, March 29, 2016

First day impressions....

Wow it was a grind. However, I am used to that type of workload. Actually I am used to a lot more! Basically starting early in the morning 10am, along with lunch classes (yes I would eat a late lunch everyday!), then afternoon classes and finishing up with late night classes until 9 or 10 pm. The shift was a triple split, I have done that with few thank yous for YEARS.

Yesterday was just...ONE long grind. JUST ONE. I have always envied other ESL teachers' schedules. Now I am glad to be a member of that group. Now, any morning or late classes end up being over time which means more money for the effort, not just a part of a normal schedule.

It is time to start thinking selfishly, nice people finish last. I remember another teacher..she would always confront my old boss in a rude manner. SHE IS STILL remembered to this day...fondly.

So I will do the same. It is time for us that is my wife, and our boys.

I had a great time yesterday, it was like taking a trip down memory lane.

It was nice being able to eat dinner at a proper time, I felt human yesterday!!!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Time for change!

Well it has been quite the month! We moved to another apartment, and I got a new better job!
Now when I say better I do not mean like a fairy tale. It means that the contract is good..very good, teachers have worked there for years. The boss if full of energy and is very involved. The pay....is much better as well!

Basically our old boss has been acting very lethargic, not really listening to our input on classes resulting in 2 classes dying. Seemingly very detached as well. She even poured money into a project that had so much potential, and let it fail.... I will not go into details.

So recently she has been encouraging us to basically jump ship. Well finally we did! I got a nice offer and had a very nice interview. Basically my new boss wants an experienced teacher who is ready to grind. I have been doing that for years. If working on the weekends is needed...I am game.

To put things simply we have been very fortunate and blessed. We will stay in Korea for some time. We can actually make plans for this summer like invite mom and dad to South Korea. Camping this summer is on the table as well.

Our old boss worried us a lot with the recent change in attitude. Nothing against us, just a change. The current boss reminds of my old boss about 5-6 years ago. I remember her telling me back then "I will reward good teachers like you, and your wife, with more hours, and preferential treatment". She actually said that and she meant it!! I remember her telling some new teacher to basically shut up and consult me on one class. You see the new teacher was criticizing my choice of textbooks for a certain adult class. My old boss basically told her to shove it and follow me lead.
I got raises, and extra classes, I made more money than all of the other teachers. Basically she was not just saying stuff...she really meant it! Now fast forward several years...that spark is gone!

So I am off to a better place, which means more hard work, and I am more than happy to step up to a new challenge!

I will post on monday night about my experiences on the first day...


P.s I still miss you dad!!

Perhaps I will see you this summer or fall!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

.....updated the wrong blog....ugh

It happens.....today was a little nutty...we moved to another apartment and I thought I forgot thw keys to the school.

So we had lunch at the bakery in our building on the first floor.

We had a good class I will review vocabulary tomorrow.
However, after the class I found that the keys were buried in my pocket......ugh.

It was ok though....

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A very cold March..

Well like in 2014 the cold is lasting longer than usual. I plan to make sure that if we leave Korea that we will bring with us AT least 4 heating blankets. When we were last in India Yogita and I suffered due to not enough heating blankets. This was my fault as we left a perfectly working heating blanket in Korea.

So this time round BRING MORE THAN WE NEED. It is amazing how much good they can do! So this summer I will be on the look out buying them off of Gmarket. They are great when camping as well. Even in summer months it can get a bit chilly at night when you are out in the open. For that matter, spring, and fall can be chilly as well.

Since we have a pretty long stretch before there are any holidays we do not have much planned. One thing Yogita and I have been talking about is downloading loads of mini series. You never know when the time will come when you have to leave a country.

In South Korea right now there are war games about to take place. North Korea has stepped up as they always do around this time of year with threats of attacking South Korea, and the USA. One recent threat perhaps a couple of days ago, was that North Korea is able to place nukes in warheads.

So basically if we have to get out of dodge so to speak, there are some vanities I want to take with me. I want to create a digital library of mini series. They are such great fun, and we do not need to worry about internet access, and bandwidth.

I have a friend in India Alex. I think he is on a 4mb/s connection which is actually decent for up to 720p videos to stream on say youtube. But if you want that finer detail like 1080p, or if you have a 4k monitor...you had better suck it up and pay big bucks for fiber net. I have done it, and I think I will do it again. However, having a large library of stuff to watch means that it will not crimp our style. We can download new stuff at slower rates while watching the older stuff we have.

I know it seems stupid to be considering this when nuclear war might be on the menu tomorrow....LOL. However, it is the little things, the creature comforts that seems to make sense at times like this. In South Korea the mood is "slightly concerned, but likely not a big deal".

I wonder what people said in Crimea when the Russians were massing.


Thursday, March 03, 2016

Black lives matter....

These days in the media we are seeing this movement. It seems like a civil rights movement. We have the black lives matter movement. Basically this started  out as a protest against the killing of black Amercans at the hands of cops. In America the African American community is in a strange place. I do not have the exact figures I think it is something like 30% of black men will have some kind of run in with the law. 40% of inmates in America are black...even though we make up only 12% of the total population. Another website wikipedia states that over 60% of inmates are black! 

So we have a problem where many black males are getting locked up. I will not go into the reasons for this, so many theroies abound. Whites online seem to simplify it as Blacks being barbaric, criminal by nature. I had a run in with the law...the cops wrongfully identified me as the perp they were looking for! 
If I were white that would not have happened. But then the question arises why didn't I end up just another statistic? Well one is this...family, strong family bonds. My father was not on streets selling dope. He was a firefighter, paramedic (part time), and a nurses aid (part time). My mother was not a drug addict, she was a dedicated mother, suffering from a strange hard to diagnose disease...lupus. 
So after my run in with the cops, I still went on to get my GED, and start college later that year. I stayed away from certain people in the "game". Or in other words selling drugs. 

I like hiphop music but I see it for what it is...bullshit. Most of the successful rappers are not the hardned criminals they want their fans to see. They are entrepreneurs. So for the black live matter movement....at this point in time...BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER. If they did the statistics would look very different. We are all free moral agents. While I believe in America black males get heavier hand of justice, longer sentences, it seems crimes commonly commited in the hood result in black males spending longer time in jail. What I mean by this is that in white neighborhoods other drugs are sold and when caught they carry a lower jail term. 

Let me get to the point here. Black lives do not matter because of the black American males are in control of their own lives. Too many wish to perperate stereotypes, and follow bad role models. This results in the prison industry booming! It also means too many black males have violent run ins with profiling cops who looking at statistics, and stereotypes are more likely to respond with violence...in some cases...more than with other ethnic groups death results. 

So instead of getting upset because no black actors won an oscar, educate these black men. Provide more postive role models for them. And why in the world do black actors care if no blacks won an oscar???? There is a black awards ceremony for ONLY BLACK ACTORS and ACTRESSES. That sounds so racist!!! If there was a white only awards ceremony the country would be in an up roar. 

Black lives matter as much as the black person whose life it is cares about said life. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. Regarding police violence...it is a problem affecting many in America. Yes more blacks are killed, however lets not forget whites, hispanics, asians, and other ethnic groups who also suffer due to police misconduct. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!