Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A bit of a breather

Well everyday on Tuesday we have a staff meeting. At this meeting I found that I have one more week complete work that is about 80% complete at this time...awesome! However, our new teacher was absent from the meeting....it is a funny story why...but it doesn't belong here, unless I get his permission.

So next week we have a short week, and we have more time to take care of work that should have been due today.

Yogita and I are really hoping we will be able to go camping this weekend AND next week during the holiday. It sucks that payday is a bit to far away....but what can you do?

The nicer campsites have electricity provided, so we could even use a electric stove to cook our food. This might save space in our cars trunk. I wish mini vans were cheaper to rent. I will invite my friend to come along but...well we will see.

So..today is a nicer day that I thought it would be!!


folding Barbecue BBQ side Table with iron pan/camping BBQ grill table folding legs/Camping Furniture

We are looking for something like to use this year!

Monday, April 25, 2016

4 day weekend around the corner

Well it is that time of year again, children's day is around the corner. This year like in 2014 we are getting 4 days off! Instead of heading east, we will go camping! It is cheap fun, we are not far from home, and well...I love the outdoors! This past week was really busy, and it was a bit stressful. So I am looking forward to a 3 day week coming next week. I want to go camping at that time, so we will need to book a place..TODAY!!! This time I will put up our tarp first but leave the smaller tents for the evening. We will have plenty space to roam about and spend time (I am going to buy some pillows). It will be a lot of fun. I will invite my friend but...I am not optimistic that he can join us. His work schedule is brutal!! First we have to secure a spot, it beats going to the free site where we will not have electricity. Ok time to finish some paperwork and get started on this week!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A busy week after a great weekend!

Well it has been some time since I have updated here. Last weekend we traveled to CheongDo a small town south of Taegu to watch bull fighting. It really blew my mind! It was loads of fun! Watching the bulls size each other up, then fight. It sounds cruel, however after watching one "fight", it looks so natural. Unlike bull fights where the bullfighter kills the bull, in these matches the dominant bull struts around the ring, while the loser bellows,while sticking his tongue out, and with his tail between his legs is led from the arena.

Work is going well, we have a special event this Friday, I hope my class can sound as good as the other groups I can hear right now. Met a new teacher as well, a nice guy.
I also have homework this week...I gotta get on top of it cause this isn't something that can be done last minute!