Friday, June 17, 2016

A tough week ahead

It is at the end of the semester here at Apple, so that means testing, and student placement for the next term. Monday, and Tuesday we will be testing, and holding meetings until 11pm maybe even later. I know for a fact that once we are done...I will feel so good!!!

I need to chill and enjoy the fact that it IS Friday today, Yogita and I will go out on a date ( I LOVE OUR DATES), and have a good time with the boys tomorrow. It is just at the back of my mind....argh!!

We saw the new X-men was...ok, great acting but...I get confused with the apocalyse, and onslaught story line. So I will re-read the comics then watch the movie again later. We also watched Warcarft, a CGI heavy movie but very very good. The ending seems to allude to more to come!

If you know Warcraft then you should know starcraft, that as a movie would be epic!!

Last week on Friday Yogita came to Iksan, and we had a nice LAN party. It was nice, could have been nicer if a certain person didn't bring a lot of negativity, that I took it on myself to defuse.

Ok I have 11 minutes to make sure my prep from yesterday is on point!


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A couple of days at the beach...

We tried our best to head out earlier than we did last holiday. Even still...EVERY CAMPSITE was packed. Even though the weather was not the best, it was drizzling for a few hours, people came out in droves. One site the man said they had space for small tents....which really wasn't an option for us. The small tents are great on the beach, but if your spending all day and overnight, you're going to need a bigger tent. 

So instead of stuffing our gear into an over crowded campsite, we headed to a hotel. It was not far from the beach, so we set up our smaller green tent and relaxed all day on the beach. It was very relaxing. The boys made new friends, they were from Ulsan which is very far from the west coast. 

Our friend Lobo along with his dag Tito traveled with us. We had an awesome time. Kicking back on beach soaking up some rays, playing in the water, it was great. 

Like I mentioned the boys made new friends. They spent hours playing games (ipad, andriod tablet, and smart phones), they also played with fire crackers as well.


Thursday, June 02, 2016

Perhaps a return to Iksan is needed?

Yeah so it looks like Yogi and I will return to Iksan and have some drinks with Josh, and Jon. I am enjoying where I am at right now. Where I am is so similar to my previous work place. We did many similar things, hung out with each other, helped each other out as much as possible. It was a very positive place for the most part. It is why I am a bit nervous about the new people who might be coming in the near future. Basically we have a very nice harmony right now, and it can take one bad egg to stink things up. We once had a teacher, who would come to class practically drunk. Her excuse? She was drinking with students from her evening class, so it should be fine with the boss.

UGH!!! The same teacher would literally fall apart when she received any form of criticism. She would cry and cry. It was a mess!!! So I am very happy right now..but...I am worried. Some people should never work in a foreign country.


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Long time camping...

The last few posts I mentioned that we would be going camping. Well we didn't...we just relaxed at home. Well this week we are going to camping....FOR REAL. It will be the second the camping trip for this year.

We plan on grilling some burgers, and hot dogs, and the usual pork belly, and pork shoulder that is quite ubiquitous here in South Korea. I am hoping we can get our hands on some cheap beef. I want to sear chunks of beef over the fire....and eat it medium rare! YUMMY.
I will be buying what Josh has named the BEAST. Erm...Josh is my coworker at Apple Academy where I work. He is a great guy, and I hope we can have a LAN party next week on Friday.

Ok...time for class gotta run!!