Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Muggy muggy days of summer.

Ugh I hate these muggy days. I got a some intestinal cramping thanks to this warm muggy weather. Working in Iksan has been very nice. However, it would be nice if I had a place to chill on days like this when I have a long break. I could run home take shower, or....take care of intestinal issues in the privacy of home.

Of course this heat pales in comparison to what I experienced in India. Strangely though I get more intestinal issues in Korea, I wonder why that is.

Time for some updates...it has been too long since I have written in this blog! This weekend we will help Josh move. Yogita has joined me in playing a smartphone game called Kritika, she just hit level 70 today. The boys got some new legos that they are having fun with, pictures are posted on facebook. Our vacation is coming up and for the first time...we are getting one week off!!!