Thursday, September 01, 2016

Vacation...over! (late post this was early August)

Well it was awesome...9  days of bliss. Actually the last 3 days I was sick. I am still feeling yucky.
We drove up to Seok-cho had a great time. We did not stay in the resort but we explored all around Seok-cho. The highlights of the trip would be the cable car ride, and the cookouts we had in the evening. I even introduced vodka instead of soju.

Soju widely drank in South Korea, and most Koreans when they think of drinking adult beverages soju and beer come to mind. Well my best friend and his wife surprised me! They loved the vodka cocktails Yogita served.

It was a great time....need to recover now...



That time of year...again

Well Chu-sok is right around the corner and we are once again trying to figure out what we should do. This summer we had a blast. We went to Seok cho with my best friends family. This was amazing because usually he doesn't like traveling far from Gunsan. We had a very nice time grilling food at night, chilling on the beach. I rented the new sonanta sedan....boring. My friends taurus looked damned sexy. we are at that time year again....what should we do? We are leaning towards camping. We have gone camping twice this year. I need to up that number. Working in Iksan has been a lot of fun, even rapped a little bit at the last story telling contest.

Just some random pictures from 2014....

So...we shall see...and I will update this blog more frequently...