Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A light at the end of the tunnel...

Oh well...looks like I made a big boo boo today as well. Turns out one class did not take my test yesterday. My co-teacher and I totally over looked it. I had to jungle 2 classes to take care of the situation. Looks like tomorrow morning I will be grading another batch of papers...

Also tomorrow we will have a team building even putting decorations for the party we are going have on Friday. Ugh.....but....I love it!!!! It seems I will also have to reform my messy ways. My desk looks like a family of rats are living in the drawers. So clean up will take place tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Testing day two...

So this morning was former boss who I am helping out wanted to talk to me. I am hoping that is means that she is finally shutting down my morning class. I am so about to quit. I want to focus on Apple. I love working here, the students, and more importantly my coworkers. Namely Josh. It is rare to meet good people who you then have to work with.

Testing is going well...I will try to streamline my "test marking", so that I can finish in good time. Either way I will likely leave for Gunsan at around midnight. Driving back at that time is soo....weird. The roads are so empty.

Anyways I gotta more little person to test in the first batch.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Testing at Apple WOOOOHOOOO

Wow it was a crazy but busy day so far. Every 2 months we have testing, mid term, and the final. This comes with a rush of people working together to prepare test sheets, grade them, and finally place students according to the results. In addition new texts are chosen as well. So it looks like tomorrow will be a long day.

I don't mind at all. I enjoy the busy work. I feel that this can help me develop better organisational skills. Well....times does fly during weeks like this.

We have one co-worker....ugh. Anyways time to burn a CD!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Kotesol / 16th honeymoon

Well well it has been too long since I have posted here. I think an update is needed. I am still working in Iksan, and commuting from Gunsan. The boys are well, and getting bigger. Yogita is also doing well.

Just 2 days ago Yogita I planned to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. However, we were attending a Kotesol conference. So here and there we snuck out for a coffee with Josh. It was nice. The conference was very informative. Josh and I were able to pick up a writing textbook for our classes.

In the evening we all went out Josh, Yogita, and I to some of his favorite haunts. Wow, it really brought back a load of memories. I wonder if Josh noticed the faraway look in our eyes. Seoul is such a dynamic city, it is always changing and evolving at a breakneck pace.

We had this waitress who well....gave us quite a show. Later two of my bosses young relatives showed up and we played some games. It was loads of fun, and extremely tiring. Yogita and I are going to take regular trips to Seoul with and with out the boys.

I guess the next thing on our radar is our trip to India in the winter.