Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three minutes till class

Today I met our new teacher. He is a nice guy, and has been to many places. I am sure he has a lot interesting stories to tell. I think he will do just nicely.
In other news...I upgraded my gpu...to a gtx 770. It is so nice. First before I even get to performance...it runs so much cooler than the GTX 560 ti. I think this is due to much better cooler with a triple fan set up. Also it runs very quietly on auto. If I need extra cooling it does get loud but....I love the sounds of my fans running.

The GTX 770 runs games very smoothly with no drop in frame rates. I tested it with Witcher 3, world of warships, and warthunder. Next I want to test it running Archage. In that game my gtx 560 ti ran very hot, and dropped frames like crazy in the big cities. Lets see what the GTX 770 can do. Also it has 2 gigs of DDR5 ram as well.

Let the testing continue...class time!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Equus come back!!!

We got the car towed yesterday. My buddy (mechanic who is running his own shop) told the damage...to my wallet er bank account would be 950000 won. Ok this number looks awesome!! Considering what I had to pay for the Enterprise when the tranny went bad. That car I payed about 1.1million won...just for a tranny rebuild. This time around I am getting not only a tranny rebuild, I'm getting a new radiator as well. Oh and he is going to recharge my battery as well. I might have to buy a new battery anyway...perhaps in December when I get new tires.

So my Equus is coming back this Thursday...it will be nice to not have those...long moments commuting. Soon it will be leave work at 8 or 9...get home at 8:30 or 9:30.....sweet!


Monday, November 14, 2016

Living without a car...

It is kind of strange cause I have lived with a car for many years. I guess this time working in a city 30kms away makes  a big difference. On thing that I noticed...I eat less. I just don't have appetite when I need get that next bus, or I am thinking about taking a taxi, or a bus.

Life has more periods of...nothing. In my car I get home in 30 minutes, sometimes 35. At the end of that time period boom I am with my family. The familiar sounds, and smells of home around me. Public transport can not run like that. Well especially in our neck of the woods. In Seoul I am sure our car would collect dust, and I would disconnect the battery.

So I have plenty of...nothing time. Time between moments. Josh has helped me out A LOT in this regard. I have been crashing at his practically all of last week. Well most days I was staying over. That helped tremendously. Now my car will get repaired soon, and I will go back to the old routine. Kinda...weird living with a car...but kinda nice too...


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Car repairs....it is that time again..

Well it has been several days since my car's transmission went bad. We will take the car in and have it fixed....it happens. It sucks not have wheels in this part of South Korea. We do not have the subway, numerous bus routes that Seoul and other large cities have. It isn't that it is needed in rural areas, it makes life much easier.

I now know which bus routes can take me practically right to my doorstep. I actually felt quite apprehensive taking the bus. After taking the bus yesterday...I feel like I can do it any day of the week.

Yesterday I crashed at Josh's place. It was nice we basically hung out drank, and finally went to bed. I think tonight we might drink more...so my liver will get a nice workout, while I will sleep like a log. I do miss Yogita ALOT but it is nice not having to take bus after bus. A very odd week. My poor little lady could not get to sleep so easily.

Ah...time to go...the rat race continues!!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Getting colder....

Well winter is fast approaching and...it seems my transmission might not make it. So that means likely I will have to go to my friend. He told me I can pay off the repairs over 3 or 4 months. It will cost 1200 bucks including new radiator, transmission rebuild, and a transmission cooler. Ugh but if I can pay 400 bucks over 3 months...no biggie.

Yogita visited Apple last week, she had a wonderful time...so did I. Looks like we will head to Gwangju to buy some upgrades, or at least discuss some options. I will not make a purchase of high end gear at this time. So basically I looking to meet a contact who I can purchase from. Especially when the time comes to leave South Korea. I really do not want to buy high end gear in India. I would be paying waaay too much.

On a very positive note my morning class (I would teach that class then drive to Iksan), has ended. Finally I will have free time. One of the students....she cracks me up, English is like a religion to her. Anytime a persons free time is taking up with studying a language...and they do not enjoy this...needs to get a new hobby...for real!!

Ok time to run