Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday break around the corner...

This time of year we planned to head to India to meet family, and have a good time. Instead due to some unexpected expenses (Transmission failure) we will stay in Korea. My friend wants to head to Muju and go skiing. Maybe we will go. I have been feeling a bit tired, and waiting in long lines to down a hill a couple of times...dealing heavy traffic in snowy conditions...ugh.

So I am leaning towards setting a another desktop for the boys, and installing some games, movies, and documentaries on it. They will have a blast with it. George wants to become a streamer so perhaps this could be his first rig. We will see..

Yogita is enjoying her time blogging, and teaching the boys. George is getting taller and some of the girls at apple like him a lot. Jeyo is well Jeyo having a good time and well...being Jeyo.

This world is going to nuts though....today a guy drove a truck into a crowd of people in Berlin. Also the Russian Ambassador was blown away giving a speech on live tv! 

Ugh... time to go!


Monday, December 05, 2016

Flu season...

Well we are in the midst of another flu season. I remember in 2012 we spent the winter in Lucknow India. I thought I was immune to catching the flu. It was funny to see people bundling up in weather that by my own standards seemed so mild. Yet I did get sick...for all of 18 hours. Then Yogita and Jeyo started coming down the bug. Jeyo at that time was being spoiled by my mother in law. So he was quite then and very picky. When he got sick it knocked him on his ass...totally. Lets just now he eats EVERYTHING, and this flu season like the last few in Korea he will recover quickly. Yogita had some terrible congestion, requiring inhalations of medicine.

So here we are..Yogita is congested again...using hot showers to loosen mucous in her lungs. She is basically out of the woods..just coughing a lot and needed a lot of rest. Me...I am fine. I fell sick for a very short period of time. Well we will have to see....