Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Banking sucks!!

Well now that is is tax time, that means a possible tax refund...our first in Korea. I think our refunds have been taken...illegally. So we have to look into that...wonderful. I finally have internet banking set up so that is nice. We will see if we can link paypal to our account now...I hope we can.

It is a Tuesday but it feels like a Monday....ah holiday times. Maybe I will stay overnight in Iksan this week, we will see.

I spent over 2 hours waiting in the bank to get my check card changed, and to have internet banking set up. My check card (the old one) was practically falling apart. Nice to have a new one....strange the things we take for granted. One night while my car was in the shop, I had to get out of the taxi and run to the ATM to get cash, due the old check card not working....UGH.

Still 2 hours in the bank.....post holiday rush...

Gotta go!


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Holiday time...again!

2017 is here.....and we are enjoying the lunar holidays! Yogita is a bit under the weather so we are taking it easy at home. For this year we will be camping more, traveling at least once this year, and working towards our goals.

Also this year I need to cut toxic relationships. I mean it is not cool when you nearly get beaten up because your friend is acting like a fool because he is super drunk. Agh I will go into details here but it is time to take a step waaaay back.

Ok it is time to enjoy some trailer park boys...and a late...VERY late breakfast!

Thanks Yogi!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We are quite lucky....

Yogita and I have run out of programs to watch. Basically we download our shows so that we can enjoy them later. We usually find 4-5 shows with 1 or more seasons then we watch them while playing eve online. Of course we get these legally. recently though we have run out of all our favorite shows. When this happens we usually start watching documentaries. I feel so lucky...we have a house, car, computers, food, recreation, medical care when needed, along with dental care, relatively safe....ok pretty darned safe.

It makes my heart ache to see the suffering around the world. It scares me. I think well perhaps if we save more money we will be safe. That just isn't true. Money can help for a time. If the infrastructure of a nation is destroyed....social security goes right out of the window. It is scary when you realize all it takes is some terrible act of war, or an accident to ruin everything, to turn your life right upside down.

The most I can do it monitor world events, perhaps I might see something before it happens. History really does repeat itself. Jews were warned about what was coming. Those who listened got out of dodge, other lulled into complacency suffered, and as we know millions died. Josh told me about a show we ought to enjoy, but until then.... documentaries.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Holiday around the corner...again!

It is a cold Monday, one of those days you really wish sleeping in was an option. We had a nice relaxing time over the weekend. Nowadays I get so sleepy at around 5:30pm, and usually fall asleep at 9pm. This is strange because I usually stay up late...very late. One thing I have learned is not to fight my body. If it is telling me I need rest....I sleep.

We have a 4 day week next week, then we have 4 days off (well...basically it is a four day weekend).
Josh is joking about EVE, Bin is...working. Ugh Mondays can suck times. Yogita will be taking daily walks to help deal with her low blood pressure.

With the Lunar New year around the corner we have decided...to stay home and rest. I want to get ready for the camping season early this year. We need heavier sleeping bags, one more table, some more utensils. I am also looking for a Tent that is easier to set up.

Ugh...everyday I get so drowsy at 5:30pm......ugh winter,,,,,,,


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 in review....

Wow time really does fly. 2016 was an odd year. We didn't really know where we would be. Our old boss kept giving us mixed signals. We found out in the end that she just wanted to pay me less for even more work. At that time late Feb. we decided it is time to head back to India. We were tired of the back and forth talk with Mrs Cho. She would lament "Ah business is doing so bad...". Yet when we made statements to the effect like ok...we are leaving then. She would turn around and say things like "But you both still have many students". It was nuts.Finally she made the mistake of telling me that I really should find another job. She didn't really mean it because once we found a job....three days later, she was shocked. She said things like "I thought we discussed that you will be staying here in Gunsan." What that meant was she wanted to pay me less..for as I mentioned above less money. .

Long story short I met Josh, and had a great time last year learning about Apple, and how things are done. I learned that the nonsense that I was told when I first started at Apple is well nonsense..thanks for confusing me Tony. For Yogita and I meeting Josh has been...really nice. He is a really nice guy who is particular with whom he spends his free time. So are we. He is a down to earth yet smart as hell dude, yet isn't an arrogant ass like...well other people I have met.

My new boss...wow what a driven woman. I enjoy our weekly meetings, I take notes and I know I will use what I pick up not only now, but in the future. She is very professional, yet fun. All in all I can say I am very very happy where I am at now.

2016 started on shaky ground, yet ended so nicely!

So here is to 2017...lets go get some!!!


ps I also met Isaac and Paul (both of them own their own hogwans), and Bin a director. GOODTIMES