Wednesday, March 15, 2017

An itch to go camping!

It is getting warmer during the day now. It is still chilly at night but who cares when you have electric heating blankets. The weather is really mild during the day then start a nice little fire eat some good food...then huddle in the tent reading or watching videos until lu lu la la land claims your soul.

The thing is I want a tent that can deploy faster and is easier to set up. Our current big red tent is ok but it takes a bit of time to set up, and on a windy day.... Once while camping a strong gust knocked the tent half over. Poor Yogita was having one her migraines when suddenly *poof* she was looking up at the sky instead of the tent's ceiling.

So I am on the look out for something large that can deploy easily, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Yogita has already turned some promising finds on portable air conditioners. So on the home front we will enjoy this summer a lot. Last year we lost a PSU to heat....this summer I am hoping to save up a bit of coin because I want to get a GTX 960 or 970 for Yogita and I later this year.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming...

Spring in Gunsan is very short, and pleasant. What this means is that the long hot, humid summer is around the corner. We will be buying 2 portable air conditioners this year. Maybe we will have an AC put in, but it depends on if the landlord will allow us to drill holes in the wall for the condenser. Another apartment we stayed that was an issue. So perhaps this time round we can get a couple of wall mounted units, or settle for the portable units.

Of course it is important to stay cool and comfortable with out a doubt. However, we have 3 computers running in our room that can benefit greatly by having an AC. It sounds nuts but it is so true. The first piece of hardware that goes on our PC's is the Power supply unit (PSU). When it gets too hot the fans in the PSU can not deal with the heat. I am talking about gaming, not surfing the web or watching youtube videos. Gaming means that the PSU is going to heat up to supply the wattage needed mainly for the GPU. After a PSU failure the thing that goes is the motherboard. Nothing sucks more than to run a dozen tests hoping for bad ram, or perhaps power cables, or the SATA connectors have find that you need to replace a motherboard. Then when you start looking for a replacement you find that your CPU is just to old...which leads to either risking a second hand unit, or pouring cash into getting a cpu/motherboard combo. Managing cooling means your old system can last a few more years. Lets face it my i7 3770k cpu is still doing just fine running at stock even though 6th generation cpus are out now. I bought my i7 back in 2012....five years and still going strong with no overclocking even though there is room in my set up for it.

Gpus are usually more sturdy with massive heat sinks, and large fans. You also have the option of using software to make sure that your fans are spinning at top speeds if you know you are going to be gaming. I have noticed that our GPUs haven't burned out...we make sure to clean the fans regularly, and monitor temps during gaming.

So...Spring is coming...gotta get an AC cause first...its too damn hot, second.....our hardware needs cooling too!