Monday, June 05, 2017

More tech hardware coming our way!

To the people who say computer games are a waste of time....bugger off! For my family it is a very cheap yet fun source of family togetherness. I do not mean playing GTA 5 and teaching my boys how to hotwire cars. But games that have some historical background. Or others that are just fantasy games, but working together you achieve some common goal.

I am not saying that pc gaming addiction is not something to watch out for. It is! So we set some time for this. I had to explain to a co-worker that yes I have over 7 pcs BUT they are not gaming most of the time. Even on holidays we are watching youtube, Netflix, and gaming.

Anyways there is new hardware that will join and perhaps complete our set of pcs. I will post pictures of it in coming days.

Stats it has a 3rd gen i7, this means it is future proof when programs become multi thread applications. So in a day when most people are able to run 8 core cpus our old i7s will still be able to work until we make some upgrades. We can actually take our time. Gpu nothing special here but it has a gtx 460m cuda (it has gtx 560m power it aint the latest but it isn't a slouch!).

It has a 128gb ssd, with a 1tb 7200 rpm HDD pretty standard stuff. It has an odd issue with the battery and ac adapter but..that don't phase me. 17..6 inch screen....OH...yeah that is sexy! Backlit keyboard....I love these so much I am going to make sure we get a couple for our desktop PCs.

The next thing on the upgrade list tablet pcs (the ipad2's will be wiped and given to the boys).
Oh and unlocked smartphones the galaxy 8s plus....oh my what a sexy beast of a phone!


p.s if you love gaming stay away from i3's, heck grab an older i5 if price is an issue.