Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hot hot hot

Only one more day and our summer vacation will begin. This is the hottest time of year in South Korea. One nice thing is that it isn't as humid as it was last week. We are still considering what we will do next week. Perhaps go the beach or go camping. We are not sure. There are quite a few options for us. Yogita seems to have changed her mind and might want to go camping. We will call the campsites and see if it is free to just grab a spot, or if we have to reserve a spot.

I personally look forward to reading. I want to finish the book I am reading and start on a new trilogy Yogita got for us.

Last weekend we visited Ms. Choi's house in Go-San. Wow, it was so wonderful. Clean air, roomy house with a wooden interior that is so comfy. We took a tour of the neighborhood and it was just so nice to see fresh produce being grown practically on the front lawn. I will return and enjoy the clean air and friendly people.

Ok, soon the rest of my work day will begin...


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vacation time again!

Wow it has been quite some time since I updated this blog. Well next week we are getting a week off. I am thinking about taking day trips and spending a lot of time with my family. We plan on avoiding a heat Yogi really wants some nice cool hotels this summer.

So my plan works out like this: In the morning we head over to a Korean style fast food place. Basically you can get ramien noodles and other nice things. It is cheap tasty and fast! Once we have had our fill we head over to a historical site (Korea has SO many sites each has it's own story).

After having a nice look around the sites (one or two), we will have lunch at a Korean restaurant then head home. If we want to watch a movie we will do so in the evening. I plan on doing this two or three days. Camping is out because Yogita doesn't want to deal with the heat this year.

Ok another plan is a short 2 or 3 day road trip. No historical sites but we would take a look around a few major cities checking out the used pc shops (need to finalize a i5 desktop build). Then check out some shops that yogi adores while enjoying local eateries. Retire to our hotel in the evening and watch movies and chill. The next day head to another city and do the same thing...or do something else.

I will not spend time with my friend this summer I think he is has plans and I will not make any last minute changes to ours! We have done that before and it is a waste of time and ends becoming too expensive. Perhaps we can do something together for the winter vacation.

Oh...I have a couple of early classes this week..thanks to public school vacation! It is ok because then I will finish early.