Thursday, August 31, 2017

Netflix is awesome!

It has been perhaps 4 months using this streaming service. I have to say...I LOVE IT. Regular tv and cable...I will never go back to it. We chose what content we want to watch. We have movies we can watch without having to pay a fee like Korean IP tv service.

Our weekends are full of us relaxing playing Eve-online and watching Netflix. I have to thank my friend Josh he was the one that pushed me to use Netflix.

Our boys enjoy Netflix too. I love the way you can set what content they can watch. Also, have a nice internet connection goes a long way too!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Holidays and vacations are over...for now..

So we had a nice vacation relaxing at home. We played a lot more Eve Online this year. It was nice. Then we had Korean Independence Day. Played Eve Online and watched movies. Yogita took a long nap, she really needed it.

Now we are back to work but...only 3 days left in this week! We met a friendly couple. They are into each other the way Yogi and I are. It was nice not seeing a couple complain about each other, call the other person ugly. It was so nice. We have met them a few times before. Monday night we really got to know them better. There was a woman there who was I would say typical. Flirting with me and another guy not saying anything positive about her husband. Ugh. When she left it was very nice.

When she was there so odd. She invites me to come to her waxing salon. She then says she will wax me for free. Yup pubic area included. My Yogita oh she will have to pay while winking at me. YUCK no thanks!!!

After she left we talked about family work kids it was nice. Ok, I have to finish my lunch and prep finish prepping for class.


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

New tech acquisitions coming...

So I was told about a nice deal on an Ipad mini for Yogi. This is better for her since it is lighter and Yogita's hands are tiny. Her Ipad2 I will reset and give it to our boys.

I am also looking for an old gaming desktop gtx 560 heck even a 400's class GPU will do. It will introduce the boys to use a desktop. In addition, the Dell laptop will be used only for studies. It needs some repairs at the moment.

So this weekend we will head down to Gwangju and check out Josh's friends pc shop. I will be on the look out for a nicer motherboard for myself. Also I need to upgrade my ram to 16gigs. 12 is ok but the way I like to surf the net...I am going to need 32gigs. So changing the motherboard (with more ram slots), and upgrading to 16 gigs will be a start.

Almost time for class!


Thursday, August 03, 2017

Enjoying our vacation AND 1giga bit internet.

So we have decided to stay close to home and relax. Later this year we are going to fly to India in October. So better to just relax as that will take a lot out of us.

I have to say if you are not using proper broadband.....wake up!!! It is getting cheaper and cheaper. I hope my brother in law switches to broadband because then chats will be so NICE in actual HD instead of the odd heavily pixellated interaction we have now. We get heavy lag because of well...3g with tens of thousands of users sharing the same wireless access points, in addition to the fact that structures further degrade signal strength DSL or even better fiber optic is the way to go.

Right now the boys are streaming some video in HD playing a game, while Yogi and I are downloading streaming at the same time. There is no lag at all. Since we use Netflix my hard drives are thanking me. BUT this would not be possible with out a generous broadband connection. 100 Mbits is very nice too. Heck 50 Mbits is very nice. 1-3 Mbits....nope will not cut it.

On another note....routers need active cooling folks. I have a laptop cooler and an usb fan blowing on the router, with out would overheat and BOOM we would have no connection to the internet. In India, I used the laptop cooler and it was enough. At that time we only had 3 pcs and 2 ipad2's using the bandwidth. These cute little USB fans are going be needed going forward.

Ok I think I need to stop rambling about tech.