Friday, September 29, 2017

Ten Day Holiday is here!

This week really seemed to fly by. I have to say that when I saw this holiday on the calendar I was worried about finances. Holidays are expensive for families. There is always pressure to go out and do something during the holiday period then budget the rest of the month on the thin side. Well this long holiday is falling not at the beginning of a pay period but right near the third week. When most familyies are running low on cash. I mean it is not critical but that money is for gas food a few things for the weekend. Not a ten day holiday. Let’s face it you spend more money at home when you are not working. You might take a drive and eat out, or grab some ice cream or a movie. So we would spend more than we would on a typical week night. Fortunately where I work they fully understand and even anticipate that families will need a bit of extra cash. Where I was before we had holidays during which we had very little money due to not being paid on time. Ugh that really sucked.

This year we even gave gifts at the old hogwan and they had no gifts prepared for us. Wow even after 15 years. Of course it was not always like this. Basically the old place I worked at is having a hard time financially so we understand. It is why Yogita still helps out when she can.

I am excited about the holiday but I am mainly going to focus to getting rest, and enjoying time with good friends.


The trip!

So it has been a quite sometime since I updated this blog. A lot of things have happened. Somethings that I have not meantioned. I decided to upgrade our systems a bit more. Yogita now has an iPad mini  2 which is similar to an iPad Air 1. The main difference is the size of the screen and the speed of the a7 CPU. The IPad Air clocks in at 1.4ghz while the mini 2 is 1.29. Basically it is a small iPad Air with out the finger print reader.

We went to Gwang ju and had a really good time. The only people who did not have as good a time was our boys. Their portable tech is well lacking which I will address very soon. So we had to make use of what the motels had. They played games via steam, on the motels pc, which I connected to the large 42 inch LED tv. It was a nice time for Yogi and I. We hung out with Steve and Josh. Josh was taking photos for a friend and Steve was spending time with him. We wandered around the venue taking in the sights. We called the boys in the hotel in the room and got food for them. After dropping off the food and resting with the boys for a bit we headed out again. I would say all in all we did about 5-6 km of walking.

The drive back the next day was relaxing and quick thanks to yours truly.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Upgrade package

Every few years I upgrade all of our hardware. Some things I wait some time to upgrade.
For our PCs usually a few years I upgrade GPUs, and lower end CPUs we might have. For example Yogita crappy AMD fx 4100. Well, it wasn't that bad...Nah it sucked. For example, it barely outperforms the second gen i3. The i3 was a dual core CPU, with the fx-4300 being a quad core!

We, l Yogita has a whole new rig. Her CPU is the same as mine an i7 3770. GPU is a very nice ati HD 7970. Actually, it is not as good as her other card a gtx 760 but I will keep the ati card in her system to see how it performs. The PSU is a very nice Corsair model. There are two nice things about her set up. First, it uses an SSD with the operating system installed on it. Second is the i7 CPU. I should mention that her case is MUCH easier to transport. Upgrading her pc or swapping out parts is easy..the hard work was already done with the wiring!

I now have an iPad pro first gen. I am so glad I waited years to upgrade. This thing is sweet. large vibrant display, super fast. It feels like a sexy machine...cause it is! Next iPad upgrade I think I am good for a few years. The boys now have a gaming rig as well. It is a dual core intel cpu, it came out just before the i series CPUs came out. It performs very well. It too is a micro tower making it very easy to transport.

Next upgrade coming early next year....our smartphones!