Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Holiday aftermath

Here in Korea people are going back to the regular grind. We had a nice relaxing holiday. This was probably the best chu-sok we have had in a long time. I have finally found a use for the 32 inch Led tv I bought from Bo a friend of ours who moved back to states last year. Basically we connect one the computers to it and have the boys watch Netflix or YouTube depending on their studies, or just entertainment.

Yogita and I have decided to make some changes to our date night. I know this might sound geeky but we have decided to cut back on hanging out at the bar and playing darts (a lot of fun!), to speaking time on mmo in pc rooms. It is a different kind of fun. Although darts are so much fun. In Korea the dart machines are networked all over the world. It adds a new level of game play. So much fun.

We are going to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary this Saturday. We will head up to Seoul and paint the town red. Ok not really but we will head to the halal guys restaurant in Iteawon. We saw people eating their food on YouTube it looks so nice. My Lg G pro 2 battery is on the fritz so I need to find time to get a replacement.

ok time to make some printouts duty calls