Friday, November 24, 2017


Wow, this week has been quite a week. Josh has been sick as a dog for 2 days in a row! I feel an itch in my throat which is a telltale sign of some bug already in my system ready to attack me. I am all good because the weekend is here. I ought to get some good rest.

Yogi and I will meet some friends we made a few months ago...might result in some extra work coming our way. We will meet them tonight.

The first snows have arrived in our region.....ugh. My car is doing really well these days. Since I bought the car I knew that there was some issue with the fuel system. Either the fuel pump, filter, or some leak allowing air into the system. This would result in the car stalling when refueling, or be stalling when the car was sitting for a couple of days. This went on for months. A good quality car you can do this with. A piece of junk will fail almost as soon as these symptoms show up.

So I took some time and had the system checked out over a period of a year to save money of course.
End result it was a bad fuel pump. Really cheap to fix too. Now my Equus is running very nicely. I need to paint her and get some minor body work done. I love how she starts on a time.

Now I just need to replace the fan belt as it is a bit worn. It makes me laugh when I talk to Korean men and if they have no professional experience with auto manufacturing or repair, they have NO clue about their cars. In fact, many do not even understand their transmission.

Anyways hats off it is Friday tomorrow!

Erm actually I am writing this at 3:54 am so mentally I feel like it is still Thursday.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exposing Hollywood.

Today the media is lit up with men and women claiming sexual harassment. The Media is playing this up like "WOW is this what was happening behind the closed doors of power in Hollywood?"

Now I know the actresses and actors have done demeaning things to get roles. I think most people know this. The main issue is the victims had to choose between two things.

One fame which leads to exposure, and later big bucks when a movie makes it big. Two if they had decided this was wrong and they reported it or refused they would be blacklisted. Many actors and actresses want to make it big. It seems many or rather most decided to make it big first, then extract revenge later.

To to the fools who abused these people shame on you. Why not just keep things professional. Dot your I's and cross your T's. If you want something, do what normal people do. Get to know people. Putting people on the spot and making them choose between a life of glamour, fame, recognition, and possibly amazing wealth; asking them, no pushing them to sexually demean themselves is just plain wrong. The actors/actresses are a position that few people can really understand. I make around 40,000 dollars a year. How can I comprehend a person who is being offered 40000 a week making a certain decision? We know what that certain decision is.

So to the powerful people who did this shame on you. Now those actors many of them are financially sound. With them coming out at this time they can take away a lot of earnings from these sexual criminals.

I hope the victims can provide plenty of proof.


Some good news!

My friend Josh and his Fiancee are going very very close to becoming homeowners! Josh is very excited about this. I am happy for them and my family will help in any way we can. Buying a home, and moving in (after renovating) is a daunting task! So, of course, we will offer any manpower Josh may need.

In the summers it will be nice to camp out there and do some grilling. So these changes open up an opportunity for my family to move to Iksan. I hate moving but well we get it done when the time comes. So hats off to Josh and Megan. Best wishes and love to them as they become homeowners!


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Some days are not easy...

Some days are not easy and they open your eyes to fact that life is something that should not be taken for granted. My father in India isn't doing well. I saw him briefly while video chatting. I saw his face. He looked...drained, depressed like something was stressing him. I wanted to talk to him but it is always best if I am with him in person. Then we can really spill out our hearts to each other. I know that many family members do know of the many chats we had. AH, I miss them now! At the time it was great wonderful. However, we would regularly chat and discuss things. I grew to take that time for granted. Now he is not doing so well. His Tatul (nickname given to Yogita) is so worried about him.

I have one regret. I wish I did not take the job offer in Hyderabad. He was practically begging to accept a low salary and stay in Lucknow. I wish I had listened. NOW I get it. We could have spent so much time together.

I remember when my mother in America died. Ah... I saw her briefly once again via video chat. I knew her time was close. What a painful time that was. It still is actually. I know my brothers and sisters are also coping with that loss.

He taught so many things he would never teach anyone else. So we are going to try two things. Have dad visit us in Korea, or we will visit him in Lucknow.

I was planning to do a tech update... can't do that right now. My mind is in Lucknow. My heart is in Lucknow. At times like this, I wish I could just jump up off of the ground and fly directly to where family members need help.


Thursday, November 02, 2017

Fall is here!

It is cooler nights are longer ah my favorite time of the year. These days I am having neck pain I think it is because of the cold. Yogita and I celebrated our 17th year of marriage. Wow time flies. I still remember one time when we were newly married walking around an upscale disctrict in Seoul.
We were in a 7/11 and I got upset that Yogita could not decide what she wanted to eat. I remember saying “AAHHHH why ME!!”. Now here I am 17 years later glad that yes it is me.

The boys are doing well enjoying having desktop computers, George has a new crush. The girl also likes him. So we will see how that goes. Jeyo is gaining weight and is still his silly self. It is fun to hear them talk about the games that they play.

We spent some time at Josh’s place drinking soju and talking. I have some new tech but I will post an update related to that later. The one thing I can say is....winter is coming.