Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A very Monday feeling Monday...

Of course, it is Tuesday here in East Asia but wow did it feel like a Monday! I was sick for the entire holiday. I could not go to Kwangju with Josh and his wife.I could barely move. Yogita caught the bug as well. We basically stayed in our room and rested hoping the next day would be different. It wasn't. We slept, woke, slept again. I had strange feverish dreams that I can remember but describing them is impossible.The boys were worried about us. They don't have t worry it will take more than a seasonal bug to do me in. Besides if I do succumb my computers become theirs. No, they were worried.

Today I am feeling better. Body temperature isn't fluctuating every 30 minutes. I still don't have much of an appetite. My co-worker Carmel made me some tea, very nice of her. I surprised some people at dinner time. You see dinner is the usually the first meal of the day for me. I am always chowing down. Today...I could only manage a few spoons of soup. The Tea is good though boosting my blood sugar levels.

I am afraid Josh will get hit hard by this bug. He started showing symptoms today. It could mean that he will be out of the woods when our vacation starts this Friday. On the other hand being sick during a workweek yuck!

Jed seems to have had the same type of Christmas holiday I had.

So we have 3 days, no 2 days left in this workweek. Solider ON!!!!!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Sometimes Bullies need to be stopped!

Last year around this time our boiler in our apartment started leaking. I was in Iksan at the time and Yogita was alone with our boys. The family downstairs basically ganged up on Yogita. Calling her bad names using swear words, even pushing her several times.

The main issue is that this happens on a yearly basis because the landlord does not want to fork out the cash and buy a new boiler. They are not expensive...200-300 bucks. What happens though is that the people who live below use this as an opportunity to "complain" and ask for money due to damages.

In Korea, if you notice any water leaking into your apartment you are supposed to take care of it asap. Well, Yogita did not notice our boiler was leaking. Neither did I. Actually this was about a year and a half ago. It was not even winter, perhaps late summer when this took place. According to people who live below us, they claimed that the water damage was great that they wanted money. Interestingly enough they actually said they wanted money for repairs. Only that basically it was stressing them out they would have family members coming over blah blah blah. They took pictures and showed Yogita the damage. It was minor. However, they claimed that it had been leaking for a long time.

So they rush upstairs banging on the door and shouting at the top of their lungs. An argument ensues and basically, Yogita is outnumbered. She feels overwhelmed and even starts to cry.

Fast forward to this year. We have been keeping a very careful watch on the boiler this time. It is a daily routine. However, on Monday the boiler suddenly started making hissing noises. We turned it off properly.

Right away minutes after the leak we get in contact with the landlord. She takes her good old time and we have to endure the freezing cold for 2 nights. Finally, the water that was in the boiler has started to leave downstairs...again. This happens while we are asleep. We wake up to someone ringing our bell nonstop. Well, when I open the door I see it is the guy from the apartment below. I think he is surprised to see me. Too bad for them now that I am in the picture I knew that I would not let Yogita get bullied again.

The next day the landlord tries to blame Yogita, when it was the landlord who took her good ole time to come. We called the service number on the boiler and they wanted the landlord to contact them to give them permission to start working. The stupid landlord took her time. In fact, she never called.

So when she arrived at the apartment ready to shout and go on and on. She ran into me. I started by telling her to lower her voice. Every time she raised her voice I told her (quite loudly) to stop shouting. In the end with me basically telling her to buy a new boiler she gave it. Yogita kept hugging when they left. In Korea, group bullying is a way to win an argument. When there is a car accident people usually call family and friends to back them up. Actually, nowadays it is hard to see such scenes. It was common several years ago.

In Korea older men and women tend to take an "I can do whatever I want to approach". People who are around my age tend to really hate this. While people in their 20's and early 30"s will speak out and address older people when they try to do this. I hate this mentality but I am happy to see it dying out very fast!