Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stress some people can handle it...some can not.

We have been in Iksan for about 5 months. Yogita and I have been working at our respective jobs for seven months. My workplace is a bit odd in that no one really speaks English and due to this they paint a picture they want to see. If I give my opinion about a student they do not really understand my point of view. Things run smoothly nonetheless. There are minor hickups but nothing serious. 

My boss will get stressed if things do not go according to plan. She really pissed Yogita off. Koreans in thier 50's and 60's are really living in another time while still existing today. In other words younger generations are not putting up with being desrepected. You see in Korea the older you are the better in some social interactions. Your opinion is always right, you can act in a very disrespectful way and the younger generation should put up with it. It is changing today. All of this said, I have a good work environment. I am get very little stress from work. I go to work to teach. So when I do this I feel like everything is hunky dory. 

My wife on the otherhand. Wow, her work partner does not handle stress very well at ALL. For every change in the teaching schedule, or a some conflict among students, even missbehaving students she goes supernova. I can only imagine what it is doing to her internal organs, blood pressure and what not. It pours over on to her kids. Many people in Korea say things like "Your sons are so polite." Or "your sons are so calm and relaxed". This is due in part to both of us handling stress and letting it get the better of us. Yogita finishes 30 minutes late on average. Not due to parents, due to her friends stress! I guess some people even when shown a better way would rather stick to thier old ways. 

Ok my students are here I have to go.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Holidays this year.

So yesterday we relaxed at home. We watched several movies on youtube (it was really good!). We ordered some Koreanized Chinese food it was actually pretty good. My sons played games on thier computers. Oskar had a lot fun too. He went to on 3 walks. I thought I would play pc games myself, I ended up watching movies and taking nap after nap.

Next week I will have a short vacation. I will help my wife with her work. I will also fix one of my gaming notebooks. The battery needs to be disconnected. I will try it by myself using a tutorial. If I run into issues I will stop and gret help from my friend Steve who is a a pc repair tech (he does other things as well). 

Ok it is writing day here at my academy, time to go!


Monday, December 24, 2018


It is that time of the year. In Korea I feel that western view of Christmas is slowly spreading here. Perhaps it is different in the major metropolitan areas, perhaps it is almost the same.
Years ago it was more of a regilous day for Christians here in Korea. Sure some people gave out presents, usually English academies. I feel that based on what people tell me (friends around my age) that gift giving is becoming far more common than say 18 years ago.

I am feeling better but still experiencing a hacking cough. This is a pretty rough flu season in Iksan. They really ought to shut down schools for a few days.

My plans for tomorrow is to chill with my lady, and my boys. Order some Korean style Chinese food, and watch netflix and youtube premium.

I recently subscribed to Youtube premium, now I love Youtube again. There is even more content available, and with no interruptions due to ads we are very happy.

I am thinking about adding Amazon's streaning service early 2019.

My plans fot the new year tech wise (sorry but the years resolution thing is always the same each year.)

So tech: Upgrade my dual gpus with 9th gen or 10th gen gtx cards. Upgrade my 500 SSD to a 1TB SSD.

Ugh I will continue this post...I have some lesson plans to finish.

Have a safe holiday season!


Friday, December 07, 2018

Winter is here!

Yeah it is cold. However, this is my favorite time of the year. I have walked all over our neighborhood and surrounding areas. You see when I get active I sweat like crazy. So summers getting in some exercise is so uncomfortable. I do not need heavy coats, I would overheat very quickly. So in the winter is when I get most of my walking in. I love to walk and talk with my wife. On weekends walking with our boys. I have actually lost a lot of weight.

One big change moving to Iksan is that I do not drive at all. I really do not need to. The neighborhood we live in is so convenient. It is near our workplaces, shopping, and has so many nice restaurants. Unlike Gunsan where we lived in pretty much run down apartments. So winter is here and I am getting plenty of exercise.

I plan to buy another car or SUV so the search is on.

Uh oh Eric is watching....oh Jeff and James are too. I need to go now!


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Feeling good!

Life has ups and downs. Well today is a good day. Although it is cold it is a Thursday. Which means we will finally be making our trip up to Seoul. We actually have a mission. George is very close to being ready to take the GED, and he is studying hard for the S.A.T. Next year perhaps in the fall or winter he will take the GED. Next he will take some time and study for the SAT.

So tomorrow night we will be getting some test preparation books Actually we already have several. We need more material for him to get even more used to the format of the test. So first we will get the books, and I am keeping my eye open for the Kindle for him. It will be a study aid and he loves to read so it will be good for him.

I look forward to walking around Seoul, and trying different food after we finish our education mission! We will get something for Jeyo.

Ok time to go!


Wednesday, November 21, 2018


There are a couple of things on my mind. First, it is food. Since we had a bad experience last weekend we felt bummed because their food is really good. Last week we went to Gunsan and had a hotpot. It was so wonderful! Not as many vegetables as the place we went to in Iksan.

We need to replace our car I guess this is musing number 2. There are soooo many options. Many are cheap but you can get a lot of bang for your buck because the used car market is so glutted with cars. Automakers have released so many new versions of cars SUVs and minivans. This of course results in depreciation of the older models. So we have a lot to choose from. We are leaning strongly toward SUV's. Now that we have a dog we need more space. Minivans are also a good match for us. We can store camping supplies the boys and the dog will have plenty of room when going on long drives.

There is a possibility that I will get Friday off because the school I work at treats Thanksgiving day (American) as a major holiday. I think I should use the time to return a pc to Gwangju. If not catch up on some sleep and get extra exercise.

I have an option to skip the Kindergarten performance tomorrow. I think I will cause those brownies will not bake themselves.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stupid Restaurant Owner

Yogita and I have been loving our exploration of Chinese food in Korea. The locations that we go to are staffed by Chinese. Many customers are Chinese as well. So the food is not Koreanized in anyway. WOW it tastes great!

Well we went to a restaurant that we have been regulars for over 3 months last Friday. At this restaurant the food is excellent, the service is on point as well. Well there is one guy who never smiles.

Anyway it is time to pay and we pay using our debit card. There seems to be a problem so we have them try the card again. At this point they claim that it still did not go through. At this point Yogita agrees to the ATM and withdraw the cash. She notices something isn’t right with our account. She comes back and tells me to check our account on my phone. I do and I notice that they charged our account twice and was ready to take even more money from us. I got angry and was ready to call the police. Yogita tells me lets give them a chance because they said they would pay by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning they still did not honor their word. So we head back to the restaurant and demand that they do the right thing. Oh but this time they need time they are in a mountain having a good ole time can we wait until 6pm.

At this time we have had enough. Without telling the owner we go to the cops. The cops threaten to file charges against them because they have done this before. UGH such STUPID people. Now we will never take our business there. If any of our friends are interested in Chinese food we will steer them clear of that restaurant. I think with more people from China coming to Korea situations like this might happen more. I do not know why they thought they could get away with it. Perhaps in China the cops get bought off. Actually they do there is a very informative YouTube channel that gives advice to foreigners living and working in China.

Anyways we returned to the police station thanked them and went on our way.


Thursday, November 08, 2018

Paperwork is a real pain

I hate doing paper work. Wait two of my students are watching me type this. Tina, and Marcus they are wondering why I am mentioning them. 

Anyways I do not like paperwork. Recently in Korea you need to do even more paperwork than years ago. The immigration officers are finally doing their jobs. This is a good thing. The only bad thing about the system here in Korea and I am sure it is the same in other countries; getting new procedures,regulations, and required documentation along with fees to the people who need it. To many times I feel like I need to review the immigration website to keep up. This is not easy when you are just living your life. 

One nice thing about Korea is that they tend to be very lenient for the first mistake.  So if you want to travel and live in another country; regularly check immigration procedures. Also check make sure when you have to renew your visa what documents you need. 

Basically, paperwork that the boss is supposed to submit was done only for me, so we are playing catch up. 


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sleepy Tuesday

I am having a normal day so far. Teaching the little people (kindergarten age) was fun. My other classes were good. I just feel like I am out of gas. So I am drinking coffee. The season change always effects me like this. Suddenly feeling drowsy even though I had a very good number of hours of sleep. However, my students tend to give me energy. That helps.

I have a new class a one on one class. It ought to be interesting to see if I can keep my energy level up. Oh and I have a cold ugh.

Ok gotta go.


Monday, November 05, 2018

Uh that is strange....

 I guess I did not publish the post I made last week on Friday. Oh well today will look like a double post. Sometimes apple sucks. I know why they do it. It just sucks anyway. I bought a second hand iPad Pro and I bought a Smart Cover to go with it. Well it worked like a charm for perhaps 1.5 years until I updated to iOS 12 something. Now the Smart Cover is not recognized. It works sometimes perhaps 15% of the time. Other times I get this annoying “accessory not recognized”. 

Apparently it has something to do with the new firmware in IOS 12 not being compatible with the smart over. Which mean either I go and buy another over priced cover which apple will do the same thing 2 years from now..or just buy a Bluetooth keyboard case.  Zzzzz thanks apple. 

Ok I gotta go.


Friday, November 02, 2018

It looks like Seoul is back on!

So yesterday Yogita had a very busy day. She had a Halloween party with her kids. Basically teaching them the history of the holiday and what Americans do during the holiday, then giving them candy.

After her long day she and I had a nice chat about perhaps returning to Seoul for another visit. Actually we have been going back forth about it for a couple of weeks. Well we have decided. However, Yogita will book the hotel / motel. I am in charge of the itinerary.

So my plan is to try African food tonight (if possible). Then the next morning there is a pancake place Yogita wants to check out. We will go sightseeing along the Han River getting some exercise. It was our favorite place 18 years ago. We go to the river to talk, argue, or just sit quietly. Lunch Yogita will chose that is after we have a rest. Dinner will likely be a mix of different take outs. We plan to bring leftovers for the boys.

Of course the plan could change for example go to Myeong-dong and try the street food. Who knows.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Corporal punishment belongs at home!

/rant on

The place where I work kids can get “spanked” for breaking a rule. Every week there are at least two or three kids getting “spanked”. Actually it is more like a beating, or getting hit with a rod. 

I grew up getting spanked as a child, and as an adult I realize that my personality type needed that kind of guidance. Not every child responds well to that type of punishment. Others require other methods which parents should know what is needed.

I hate seeing kids get into trouble for basically just being kids. I understand playing during class time you can lose a star or some privilege.

Ugh also when getting spanked the parent SHOULD NOT be angry. This is what I see regularly where I work. My goodness the poor kids. Apparently parents sign up for it like they are signing up for a service. Parents stop being lazy and raise your kids yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself and your child. Not to meantion building a very good relationship with your kids.

Ok I have to go.

/rant off

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Might chill at home this weekend.

Yogita and I have made a large number of friends in Iksan in the past few weeks. Yesterday both of us looked at each other and almost at the same time decided that we ought to postpone our trip to Seoul.
Our hobby is gaming, and the two games we play...we have been falling behind. Only yesterday night did we start to catch up in our games.

Also I got a new gaming notebook that is almost as powerful as my desktop. I really want to “take it for a ride”. It has a 4th gen i7, 32gigs of ddr3 ram (fastest clock speed), a gtx 970m, a 17 inch display.
I really enjoyed my time yesterday playing ArcheAge on it. So there is a very real possibility we will chill at home.

On the other hand going to Gunsan might in the cards. We have some hardware (car battery charger) that we need to buy. We know where to buy it in Gunsan. We have been going to the mans shop for years. So we could hang out at some of our favorite places and get back home and charge my car’s battery. So we will have to see.

On I side note I really hope all of the students finish their essays tomorrow. Then I can get more work done on Thursday...


Monday, October 29, 2018

A chipped tooth and a dead battery....ARGH

Had a couple of things happen to me over the weekend. First I had a lot fun with Yogita. We got a lot of walking done. It was nice to hear our boys at home playing. Oscar was his usually annoying self.

While eating some really tasty noodles I bit down my metal chopsticks and yes you know by now...I chipped my tooth. Ugh. Poor Yogita was so worried. I look at it like this. Chipped tooth or dead in a helicopter crash as a billionaire. I’ll take my chipped tooth. Seriously there are such worse things in this world.

My car on the other hand it was expected that the battery would give out. It isn’t getting the charge that it needs. My solution? My buddy Hwanil made it easier for me to replace my car battery. So I can easily pop it out and take up to our place and trickle charge it overnight. The challenge finding the place the sells such devices in Iksan. In Gunsan we know a guy. I think on a weekly or bi weekly basis I will trickle charge the battery. Give it 12 hours. Actually the chargers are pretty good. They shut down when the battery is fully charged.



P.s On the plus side I will get very good exercise this week.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Getting Exercise

Since I got my note 8 I have been using samsung health. It is a program that has a step counting feature. It calculates how many calories you have burned how far you have walked. I know it is not an exact measurement. However, I can see if there is an increase in activity then I tend to lose weight. SO using the program helps me to make sure that I keep my activity levels up.

Since moving to Iksan I have lost 3.5 kilograms. I need to keep it going if I am going to lose more weight. Diet is the most important factor. I have recently gone back to a bad habit of eating at night. I need to get some nuts in the house. They really shut down my appetite. When the snows come I will not drive as often. Gotta keep the burn going. For me the real challenge is in the summer. I sweat a lot. So there is a tendency to stay in cool places and not exercise. Which can lead to weight gain, even though I eat less in the summer.

Tonight’s plan: drive home then walk back to Yogi’s workplace. Then we will walk around the neighborhood getting more exercise.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kids and getting bullied.

Yesterday Yogita had a difficult class. One of the students was throwing a temper tantrum. When Yogi spoke to the mother she said that her son had started to change after he joined elementary school. When I heard this I was brought back to when we were little and some observations that my mother noticed.

You see before we went to school we rarely fought. We never teased each other. We got along pretty well. However, public school changed all of that. We started lashing out at each other. Making fun of how we looked. Over time we started to fight more with the intention to hurt each other’s feelings.

At school one thing that happened to me was that I bullied. Other kids would also get bullied usually by one kid in the class, or a group of kids. This resulted in me becoming more of an introverted person. I became shy, would react violently to teasing from my brothers.

It took years perhaps late middle school early high school for us to make up, and stop that distructive behavior. We started becoming more supportive and loving towards each after we got married.

I will tell the mother that her son is getting bullied in school and is showing the same symptoms that I have seen in my own professional experience. You see we taught many children from kindergarten to high school. We saw the same thing happen them. Moods suddenly changing due to being bullied. The kids told us everything. For some reason Yogita and I make students so comfortable that they freely tell us things that they would not tell their other teachers or parents. Puberty plays a role as well. But when a child is in elementary school it is likely bullying or excesses teasing which is basically the same thing.

Some of my students Tina, Philip, and Marcus are here so I have to go!


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Can not wait for next week!

Once a month Yogita and I will travel to Seoul and try different cuisines or just look around at places we have been to in the past. Seoul is where our story started. It is fascinating to see the changes. Next week we plan to try South African food. Josh has a friend who is running her own restaurant. We will drop by have a taste of South Africa.

I will be honest I am more excited about East African food; Kenyan, Ethiopian to name a couple. We plan to get some good exercise while enjoying the sites and sounds of Seoul. When we travel via train or bus I do not have any stress dealing with parking.

We will have to book tickets early for the KTX.

Ok my students are here RIGHT NOW. SO I have to go!!


Monday, October 22, 2018

The boys are having a ball.

Ms. Choi has two homes. One them is where her heart is. It is located about 30 minutes from iksan.
This small town called Gosan has a very active community oriented culture. The have many modern and new ideas in so many areas. Education, they do not follow the damaging trend of having kids study for a ridiculous number of hours. Instead they an approach that in my opinion is more holistic. Study subjects in small class sizes. The student to teacher ratio is small.

The high school is having a star viewing event. The students are learning about the stars in a very hands on way. You see the night of the viewing many planets will be visible. Our boys and Oscar have been in that community all weekend until tomorrow afternoon. There have been numerous get togethers. It really is a wonderful small town. Oh most homes are equipped with sun roofs.

Ok I here kids..


Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Korea's sandwich days strike again..

Ok so here we are Monday and Today are work days. Tomorrow is a national holiday which means it is back to work on Thursday. Thus we have the term sandwich day. This nice but odd. The sandwich starts out with you relaxing at home. Feeling good that you do not have to come in for work or school.

I recommend using your day to the fullest because come is time to prepare for the rat race once again. So I will likely be up early gaming, listening to youtube and having a little fun on my ipad.

My family well except Yogi she tends to enjoy sleeping it will get up and try to get the most out of the day. One nice thing about these kinds of holidays is that it speeds the week up. Time always flies when you are having fun.

Yogita will cook lamb curry, I am looking forward to that. MAYBE we will see a movie. Venom opened last week in Iksan, so it would be nice to watch that movie.I will try to walk 5km everyday this week. Gotta burn those calories.

Ok my little people are here so I have to go.


A double post day!

I only have 3 more classes left then we will head to Gunsan. There is a very nice Chinese restaurant that opened 2  months ago. The owner is also the chef and...lets just say her food is so good that I end up daydreaming about it. We made a video on facebook I will link it here

Such good food. Our boys understand this and they love it because they get a little more free time. Tomorrow a friend of mine Steven will be smoking ribs at Josh's house. That would be quite nice! Plus I can meet a friend who I have not seen in a long time, and spend all day my best friends house!

Hmm, the students are running late today. Ok time to go.


Friday, September 28, 2018

End of a two day work week.

Well Chusok is over which means it is time to get back to work. In Korea that usually means a shorter week. I am so glad that I do not teach in India or countries that have 6 day work weeks. Korea is slowly moving away from a 6 day school week. Now it is every other week I think.

Yesterday was nice even though it felt like Monday. After work I realized that tomorrow is the end of the work week and I took Yogita to a nearby restaurant where we had Shrimp. The owner cooked the shrimp heads in butter and some spices. It was the best part.

Today we are going to visit Gunsan again (we visited two weeks ago) but we will take only buses.

I have to remember to charge my phone around 5 o'clock.

Ok I gotta put my game face on the kiddies should be arriving any moment.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Looking forward to next weekend!

When you are married for 18 years you want to do even more things with your spouse. Sometimes those things are stuff we did years ago when we were dating. One thing we would do is explore Seoul. Seoul is a HUGE city. Basically, every area has large clusters of residential areas. In these clusters you will find restaurants. We love food, and enjoy walking around different areas. Last weekend we went to Seoul and explored Itaewon. Now I many long term expats hate the place. I hate certain areas. Mainly near the clubs. I stay near the southeast, and south Asian eateries.

Well Next week we plan do explore another area. We have not decided which area. That is still up in the air.

Chu-sok is coming and for the first time in many years I am more excited about our plans AFTER the holiday.

Ok I gotta go the kiddies will be here soon!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

12 days in!

I remember something my mom told me (Indian Mom). She said "Beta always do something that you are good at and if possible that you like as well." Her words are very true. I started full time 12 days ago. When you are good at something stress levels are non existent. The new students here have taken to me very quickly. It is as if I knew them for months not days. This month there will be a big holiday. Likely we will be either go camping or relax in Iksan and continue to explore our area.

The boys and Oksar are settling in very nicely. They LOVE the new place. I love the location, and the view at night from our small balcony. Yesterday Yogita and I spent our free time just talking and making plans for the weekend.

I will be going to Seoul to listen to Josh's sort of intro speech about his new job and a new class he will be teaching in Seoul. I am very happy for him.

So it has been only 12 days but I feel quite settled in. Oh our academy will be moving, and the new location will be closer to where we live! So that is a nice thing as well.

Yogita, has been gaining new students left and right. She is doing great. I just need to encourage her from time to time as she needs it.

My car needs some work but I am debating whether to get the work done or not. Mainly the issue is with the cooling system. I think it needs new radiator hoses and a radiator cap. Well, I hope so I do not want to replace the entire radiator when I will be buying a new car in 5 months.

It is nice not having to drive 75 kilometers a day.

Ok my students are here...time to go!


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

.....And the grind begins ^^

here comes the part that I dislike the fact, it is ONE of the most important reason why I hate moving.....the actual moving part is relatively easy. Its what comes after, that is difficult mainly because it’s irritating. The cleaning.....the dusting....the resetting of various utilities....and if you’re like us (living in another country) filling in a whole set of paperwork and running around the bazillion government offices to report your change of address and re-registering.....ugh....but once it’s all done we can relax 🤪 

Moving is a pain in the ass..

So our apartment is starting to look about right for moving. We have all of the gaming notebooks packed. Tablets, old phones, battery packs, clothes are all ready to go. Today we will pack most of our desktop pcs. basically putting them back in the boxes they came in and adding some bubble wrap to help protect them. Most of our stuff is tech. In the new place which we saw today (it is the best apartment we have had in Korea), I will start using more wireless setups. I need to cut down on the wires. They attract dust, end up looking really messy, and it can cause a safety hazard (tripping over them). We will how that goes.

At the new location where we will live I will not have to drive over 1400kms for work. It will save us time and money. The apartment has 3 rooms which are just great. Finally, the location makes it a very very nice choice. We are in one of the central areas of Iksan. Thanks to Ms Choi!

Ok I am so sleepy today.


Monday, August 27, 2018

The end of an era.....the beginning of a new one!

Finally after 16 years in Gunsan we are moving to Iksan. It’s something we have been thinking about and planning to do for a while now. Gunsan has been home since 2002 but it’s time to move on.....time has come for us to leave the old nest behind and fly off to better and greener pastures. Gunsan will always be a part of us. The memories we have made....the relationships we have nurtured over the years...the experiences that have molded us into people we are today, will always define who we are. George and Jeyo were born in Gunsan...Jemal and I had our first real home and job in the tiny, coastal city....We love you Gunsan and you will always be a place we will call home....i feel emotional thinking back and writing this post.....

but like Dr. Seuss said,

“Don'cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

I’m not crying because it’s the end of an era, i’m smiling because it’s the beginning of a new one!


Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I miss Apple...

Now I should start out by saying that I am not complaining...well yes I am. I am not upset. This is not an angry post. I miss Apple a lot. One thing I miss is when it is time to choose texts. We actually have a lot of say in choosing which books to use with a certain group.

Right now I am teaching 10-11-year-olds words like diagnosis, nauseous, splash (not splashing water).

The material I was given is for middle school or low-level high school students. I will talk to my boss about this. Some topics little kids just can not talk about. They are too young. We have a reading passage today ... I will spend a lot of time not actually reading, instead we will be vocabulary building with words way above their level

Oh well, time to soldier on!

/rant off

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

One more day to go.... (this is an old post from July)

I saw a facebook post my boss made about this whole situation. One of her close friends commented "The end of an era". Ms Choi's reply was "No the start of a new one". I hope to be a part of that but time will tell.

The school looks pretty empty with many bookshelves sans books. However, it looks so properly done. Sections are being emptied a day at a time. My feelings are that this was something my boss needed to do for her. I fully understand that. I wish we could have done it differently. It seemed so sudden even though I new about it in advance.

For me I will move to another school in this area of Iksan. In fact the papers are all done. I will start working there from next Monday.


So we finally got phones after I canceled the LG g pro 2 service plan several months ago. First thing I love about this phone is the design. It looks so much better than the than iPhone X with that odd notch at the top for the camera. The edge does not contain bezel it is just an extension of the screen. This is not new, but wow does it look amazing! I love having the s-pen it can do so many things. I use it for typing and translating most of the time. Making notes is super easy too. The cool thing is once you remove the s-pen a menu sort of slides out presenting you with different options you can use the s-pen for. Make notes, write directly to the screen (might seem silly but can be very useful to just jot something down real fast).

Biometrics is really cool but kinda racist ... it cannot detect my irises or my face in low light. I will have to ask my buddy Josh who recently switched to a Galaxy S9. The fingerprint scanner works like a charm.

My main gripe is the battery. If you use the low power setting you basically gip your phone but get great battery life. With the bells and whistles on ... make sure you have a nice battery pack I recommend a 10000 mAh pack. 

The Note 9 is coming really soon but I do not care. I will wait until the Note 10 and see if it worth upgrading or not. I tend to hold on to smartphones for a long time.


Monday, July 23, 2018

Loving this working vacation!

Basically, I am working part-time for a couple of months before I start full time and the new school I am teaching at. I had an option to just rest for 2 months, or do this. I think working and learning the ropes of how this school runs and the dos and don'ts is the better option.

 I can meet about 20% of the students many of whom have brothers and sisters (older and younger) attending as well. So many of the little kids know me already. That is very important when starting a new job. It would have been nice to just take it easy for 2 months. I know myself though I would go nuts after a couple weeks. I would likely volunteer at my friend's car repair shop and knowing him he would likely have paid me a little for my time.

We are in the middle of a heat wave...still does not compare to humid and hot Indian weather.

Gotta keep cool!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

July heat

I hate hot weather. I deal with it, but I hate it. Even so, I have a lot of fun in the summer. Camping, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. There is something on my mind though. Suicide. People seem to want to end it all more and more. From celebrities that seem to have it all, to ordinary people from all walks of life.

I know that for some they are dealing with, living with depression, or bipolar disorder. I wish we had better systems in place to help prevent this loss. Some feel alienated that society will not accept them. For people like this, I assume they must feel extremely lonely. Shame on the mainstream society. We need to be more accepting. I do not want to get political. That opens a whole new bag of worms.

Some are under so much stress from work, school, finances. I will once again assume that these individuals feel like their plate is overflowing. They just can't take it anymore. We live in a world where success is measured in material things. We have this "ideal" beauty that men and women strive for. This can also create so much stress.

One thing watching the news and hearing about suicides has taught me: money can not buy happiness. Neither can fame, or power. For me, happiness is just chilling at home, or drinking the park talking to my wife, spending time with friends of mine Josh comes to mind, Sun does as well.
Actually, I am very picky about who I spend time with. Life has taught me that. Oh, the mistakes I have made in the past spending time with toxic people.

So I say this enjoy the little things. The normal stuff. One that is true and that we take for granted: when we lose something only then do we understand just how important that thing (person) is.

ok, enough rambling I have to prepare for class!


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

First camping trip of the year!

Well, it was a snap decision. We actually had other plans. Our friends family and ours went to a valley about 2 hours from Gunsan. In the valley, there was a nice camping site. This site was fully equipped, electricity, bathrooms, showers (private), and each site had a large table you could use for your campsite. I brought our big Tarp and set it up. Actually, this is where I made a mistake I should have had Yogita working on setting up the poles as well. It took longer than it should cause I did it all alone...NEVER AGAIN! Anyways it all went really well. A few campers were afraid of Oskar, who just ignored them.

I have decided it is time to buy an SUV the Veracruz. Maybe next spring I will buy it. I finally got a new smartphone. A huge upgrade over my Lg g pro 2 the Note 8. This thing rocks. Basically, I got it because in addition to all of its features it has a stylus that is very useful. Making notes and even using it for other applications is possible.

The boys are doing well they really loved the camping trip. They spent a lot of time in the creek that was nearby with my friend's only son. I kept an eye on them as well as Yogita and Oskar.

The July heat is finally upon us and Jeyo breaks a fan. Instead of coming to me when he noticed that it was leaning on it's stand he "tried" to fix it and the fan toppled over and broke. So Yogi and I had to go out and get another fan. The boys now have both older fans cooling them and we have the one new fan (it kinda sucks so Yogi and I have to use it). We can not get an air conditioner since we are moving out really soon.

Ok I have to finish registering our new phones and I have a class to teach...well two.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A new place new beginnings

Ah I will miss working with Ms. Choi. My new boss is very nice I have only good things to say. Ms Choi on the other hand is revolutionary when it comes to putting together an effective English curriculum. Her approach covers all aspects of English in one neat package. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Where I am at I am only taking on a small portion of my normal workload. After that I am free. So I am spending time in a pc room since Yogita is busy as well.

My last week at apple which was 3 weeks ago now was nice. Last weekend we all went to Daechon beach. I missed my bro Josh and his wife. I wished we were all there together. There were some really nice bonding moments.

Oh an update that needs mentioning: Josh and his wife have completed the renovating of their house! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! My first day there Sun-ju (Josh's wife) let me use her bathroom. Everyone was shocked! Son-ju does not want guys to use her bathroom (it is not an issue as they have 3 bathrooms!). She said that only I could use her toilet. I know it is a small thing but I felt special. I felt bad at the same time because I had to miss Josh's wedding.

We visited their house I guess it would have been a month ago. I have to say I grew even close to Josh. When we move to Iksan I will be spending more time over at his place.

The Yogi and the boys are having a nice time taking care of Oskar. Oskar is a White Shepherd. Cute dog getting bigger and more lovable. Also I bought my first SLI power desktop. I will post pictures here soon. I need to post more pictures on this blog.\


Monday, June 18, 2018

Final two weeks at Apple.

It has been an amazing two years. The best I have spent in all of my time in Korea. Work was so professional. Everything was handle properly with special attention to detail. It taught me just how bad I had it at the other place I worked. Late pay, severance handled like a bonus (paid over a period of 4-5 months). Taxes filed but tax returns always ended up "missing". Must have been the lawyer they hired to do the papers...right. Holidays were set in the schedule. School events were actually really fun! Hanging out with staff was very nice. It was too much for me at one point. I had never been praised for my work in such a genuine manner before. After one event I broke down in the car on the way home. The volunteer work my wife did cleaning up after the events, sometimes helping to set them up, was so appreciated. Our boys were made to feel so welcome that my sons feel that my bosses son is like a brother to them.

I am sad that this chapter must end or rather change. I think change is a better word. These were wonderful times. I will remain in contact with my current boss Ms Choi. She is a really wonderful example of a strong, intelligent, honorable woman. I there are so many adjectives that I could use to describe her. My former boss I can say some nice things as well. She was not a terrible person. Just a person who needed to delegate more.

My former boss Mrs. Cho NEVER cheated anyone on pay or bonuses. She is a kind person, just lacks key leadership skills such as effective decision making. At times her emotions would guide her actions. I would say that she changed when her father died. I can understand how this can effect a person having lost my own mother. Mrs. Cho has a good heart, she is on the other hand bad with handling money and needs some she trusts to do that for her.

Some fond memories of Mrs Cho is when she stayed with Yogita at the hospital when I had to work. A wonderful woman in the wrong position. Eventually the stress got to her and she made the mistake of telling me I should get another job. Actually, she wanted to pay me less. I am glad she made that mistake in communication. I would never have met Josh a famous photographer who is a brother to me and Yogi and an Uncle to our sons. I hurt him badly by missing his wedding. I will do my best to make it to up him. I would not have met Ms. Cho. The sweetest yet like Ms Choi strong and very capable person you could ever meet. ..I have to go...class time. This marks the start of a 2 week count down.

sad but...I understand.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

My first Sli pc rig!

Wow what day yesterday was. You see I made a deal with a friend of mine Steven Loach to sell me a great older gaming pc at an awesome price. Many people do not understand the nomenclature when it comes to buying computer graphic cards. Older graphic cards are really really nice. The cards I am using are gtx 780ti x2. That means these 2011 cards top end cards at the time, work together to give me the performance of a gtx 1070. It actually out performs the gtx 1060 in some benchmarks. The numbers stand for something. For example: 580ti. The first number is the generation. The second number in this case 80 tells about the performance class of the card. 80 is the highest. While 60 is a budget card but has very good performance. While the 50 is a budget card that can play games of the year it was produced but not at the highest settings nor will you get high frames per second (fps). Frames per second is very important up to a degree. Basically it is how many times your graphic card displays the image on the screen of your monitor. Low fps means that you will have very poor performance. You will feel like everything is moving in slow motion. This is not the same as lag. Where your game becomes unresponsive due to internet latency issues.

So I have a card actually two cards top end that work together for gaming, video, or photo editing, and encoding. My previous card was a 770 a nice card would still have issues at extremely high settings. system currently has 64gb of ram!!!!! WOW! I can run so many apps. The system is just so buttery smooth. The cpu is a 6 core 4th generation i7 with hyperthreading so I have a system with 12 cores effectively. Very future proof. The cpu is water cooled, the case is beautiful, with LED lights glass panels so you can see the goodness inside. I will likely mount my old massive drives in this case. I have a tera byte drive, and a 1.5 terabyte drive I want to use. I am running the OS and a few games on a 500gb ssd. If you didn't know already ssd is the way to go for computing. Faster...MUCH faster. Lasts much longer. Runs silently. I will post a picture on facebook. It is a monster machine.


Monday, May 21, 2018

A change is coming...

This might be 2012 all over again. It looks like we might be relocating back to India, or Iksan. Of course Iksan is the best option. We would be near a lot of friends.

Here are the options. One stay in Korea. This is the best option. Easy to make good coin, very nice for our lifestyle. Education for the boys is a very nice option. In the future jobs for them is also a nice perk. Foreigners who can speak Korean, and English with a very marketable skill equates to finding jobs easily.

Second option move to India and go on to the Middle East from there. I have always wanted to spend some time working and living in the Middle East. There are some nice perks that as well. Tax free, good salary, easy to save money due to the lifestyle. Cons are terrorist activity which at times have targeted foreigners, women have fewer freedoms. In Saudi Arabia women are going to be allowed to drive in June. Yogita is not so keen on that idea. LOL

The third option would be to stay in India. India works well in a number ways, Being free to do most things an Indian can do, while being able to obtain a salary much higher than average coupled with a very low cost of living. This makes India a strong option. Education for the boys is a good point as well.

Option 4 return to America. We could return to America and teach in Alaska. Um...if we have to we can do it. I just love living in Asia.

I just came back from a job interview it went really well. There is an issue with the start dates. The new location has the housing 500 meters away! It is right next to a nice shopping entertainment area.

I had to miss Josh's wedding....but what can I do? I must focus on the matter at hand.

Ok I gotta go!


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I have been living abroad for 17 years. I love it. I actually feel a sense of freedom from the things I grew up around. When I was 16 years old police officers cut me off while I was walking my dog with police cars. I think there were 4 cars that blocked my path. It was terrifying. They drew their guns inches from my face. At that moment my brain played back words that my mother taught me. Listen and obey EVERY command they give you. When you speak use proper English, not ghetto slang littered with curse words. I did all of those things. I was not hurt by the cops.

It seems that things have gotten worse. Being black means that by default I am on the radar when cops are near. When I was in my first year of university I was with two friends. One was white the other was Asian. The officer who was white, patrolling a predominately white area kept eyeballing me. He would not take his eyes off of me. While asking us what we were doing it was evident that he was talking me. This was a little over 20 years ago. Again, my mother's words were replayed in my head. The cop looking amazed that the black kid was actually in a nice college and left us alone. 

Today people seem to react violently or aggressively towards the police. I think this might be due to people becoming fed up with the treatment they suffer over and over again. We need to change police culture. It is interesting to note that while blacks suffer more in terms of population ratio. Whites suffer a lot too because...there are more whites. Police shoot more whites than blacks every year. I think it should be noted that the media wants to divide people. It creates drama, tension and brings out the worse in people. This, in turn, creates revenue. More people click on the article. More people pay attention to the sensationalized news.

I think the bottom line in America comes down to three areas that need addressing. One police culture needs to change, gun availability, and the public needs to treat law enforcement officers with respect. You see a cop there should not be a shiver of fear down your spine or a feeling of rage due to some past negative interaction.

I am want to stay away from America for some time. It is better for my boys, and for me.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

A new member of the family!

Well it has happened. After so many years Yogita and I adopted a dog. The boys love the little rascal. Goerge is doing a very good job cleaning up after him. Jeyo follows him around making sure that he doesn't get into trouble. 

We think that he is mostly Labrador mixed with some other breed.  It is nice having a dog again. Brings back some very nice memories. We decided to name him Oskar after my first dog.

Tomorrow night we will head up to Seoul, we want to have some fun doing what we did 18 years ago. The next morning we will pick up a couple of study books for George. he will be taking a test in a couple years maybe sooner. Why not get him cramming now!

Ok my students are. I really love Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Fridays too!


Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Programming why not?

I have started to learn more and more about programming. In my case, I am learning python. Many experienced programmers have suggested that I start with python, and eventually learn java. So I am taking it slow. I will be reading many books and playing some simple coding games. Eventually, I will take a college course. I can see that being able to code, or debug is going to be a hot field. In addition, it is something that I could possibly do from home.

In life, there are no easy jobs. Even if you have no job and you need to make a living...that is hell. Way back when I used to work at a convenience store I thought "this is easy!".  Wow, I was totally wrong! You have to maintain stocks, check the fridges every hour and record the temp, remember do drop everything and help a customer. Clean clean clean clean, that never stops.

When I was a science tutor wow what a challenge. I found myself not only helping students with difficult chapters in the text but also listening to their problems. Many would come just to get things off of their chest.

Teaching English in South Korea has been quite a rollercoaster ride. Working 10 hour days, driving 50kms a day just for work. Teaching all ages and realizing that each age group requires a different approach.

Likewise, when I think of learning a new skill such as coding, I know this will not be an easy road. However, I have always been fascinated by how computers work. I learned about hardware. Hardware cannot be fully understood until you understand how programs make use of hardware. I want to learn what all those strange numbers and symbols mean. So I will start off by reading some books and playing some simple coding games. I will move on from there to working on practice exercises.

So here we go!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

A change is coming.

It seems some changes are coming my way. One of them is moving to Iksan. This move is big for us even though Gunsan is only 35 km from Iksan. We have lived in Gunsan for more than 15 years. We have seen the city change so much in that time. We have changed as well. I am excited about the move. It will bring us closer to good friends, and work. Iksan will be an adventure for Yogita and I. We will explore every nook and cranny of this city. We will make new friends, build new relationships. Of course, we will maintain our friendships with people in Gunsan.

So I am happy and optimistic that this change will bring good experiences to my family.


p.s Oh yeah I have some heavy lifting to do tomorrow. Josh's new house is really coming together nicely!

Spring is around the corner.

The weather is changing now. Days are warmer but nights are still chilly. I think we will have to endure a very hot summer again. I look forward to camping this year a lot. We are planning to go camping several times this year. So I have my ebooks ready.

There is one thing I want to buy before this camping season. That is a large tent that is easier to set up, and store. I am tired of working with the poles and ropes that our current tent has. I want something that we can set up easily with perhaps one or two people. My current tent needs all four of us to set up.

So the search is on for an easier to set up large tent.


Thursday, March 08, 2018

Yogita's Choice.

Yogita is now 39 years old. My birthday is on January 18th. So Yogita teases me calling me "old man", and how she is younger than I am. Well, finally that teasing will end.

On her birthday we usually do something special together. I do not why we do this. It just sort of started years ago. My birthday....ugh we do nothing, I like it that way.

So it is Yogita's choice for what we will do this weekend. She really wants to go shopping at Costco. So tomorrow we will drive about 90 kilometers to Daechon city. Yogita loves shopping for food, as she loves to cook. So here is to Yogita and our little adventure "Going to Costco".


Cpu doesn't matter The GPU does!!

It is time for a tech update. I have a lot of computers. Among them, I have different generations of the i7 CPU. I also use 4 different GPUs.  I can only say that when shopping for a pc even one with an older CPU in it, your GPU is going to matter more than the CPU. Of course, I am not talking about really outdated CPUs.

The second generation i7 CPU is going to be pretty cheap used. Mate it with a gtx 770 and you will enjoy gaming just fine. What I see today in advertising is the latest Intel CPU getting much of the spotlight. It should get very little. Of course, this is for the gamers. Games today are very GPU intensive. So forget needing the latest CPU. Look for the latest GPU your system can support. It can be the cheapest option for many gamers. If you are using a gtx 400 series GPU a gtx 660ti will give you a huge boost in gaming. It will not hurt your pocket either.

If you are a gamer STAY AWAY from super slim laptops. You will thank me a few years down the road.


Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Test time....UGH

Well, it is that time of the year here at Apple. Testing is done every 3 months. This is a ends up becoming a very hectic time. You see today my co-teacher did not know that I was giving a test. So she allotted time for her students to finish the exam during the time I needed the students to take my exam. The result kids had to call home explaining why they would be late. This normal. But it still sucks.

I am glad that everything is completed now. I hate paperwork.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Some people deserve each other...

So after a long time, we are finally free of our old boss Mrs. Cho. Wow what an odd strange relationship we had. It was not all bad but there are clear indications that our relationship was toxic.

Being paid late, want more but not paying a proper salary. Claiming that she was helping us when the reality was we were helping her.

I am so happy these days. It makes me smile everytime we remove a toxic person from our lives. We gain so many good relationships. Moving to Iksan I have become friends with Josh, his wife, Paul and his wife, another guy Steven and his wife. I could not be happier. There are other people like Nicole Ms. Choi, and Ms. Jo to name a few others.

On another note, I am finally going to get my damned health check done. UGH. I procrastinate about such things. Oh well, it will be done fast then Yogi and I well head over to Iksan. In the evening tomorrow, I will have  2 exams to make. Then the WEEKEND!

Ok, I have to go and prepare for my late night adult class.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Visa Renewal ...UGH

So it is that time of year. I need to renew all of our visas. I wish this process could be made easier. I think I need to check out an option where you can just send your documents in. I hate going the office because usually I get unlucky and there are dozens of people (who are members of a single group). Who arrive seconds before I do. UGH.

Oh well, we will take of the visas Tuesday next week. Time to enjoy a bit of off time.

I wish these visas could be 2-year visas.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday a rather rough week....

I hate snow. I know it looks nice when it is falling and when it has just fallen. Despite that I really hate snow. It makes driving very unsafe. Tuesday night I had to stay overnight in Iksan with my bro Josh. We had a very good time. I just wished I had brought down a better computer that day.

Driving from Gunsan to Iksan started out with me in a panic. You see I always check the weather. I take a peek outside every now and then. That is it what I did Wednesday morning. Well, just one hour after checking and everything was clear, about 4-5 inches of snow was on the ground. This was 10am. I rushed and got dressed and forgot to bring my most prized notebook with me an Alienware 15 R3 equipped with a gtx 1070 GPU, and a very sexy i7 7700 CPU and 8 gigs of very fast ram at home. I knew that I would be staying Josh that night. I was in a panic because the snow was falling so fast that if I got stuck I might end up missing a day work.

I also knew in the back of my mind that I had to stay in Iksan so that I could cover my classes. Anyways, I am clearing snow from the car, and after some time (the apartment parking lot is a real mess), I get out of the lot and head to the road that takes me to Iksan an intercity road. Only to get stuck there for 40 minutes!!!! Why? Well, some idiot does not know that when you are going up a ramp you need to build up momentum got stuck halfway up the ram. It is a narrow ramp so we could not just pass him.

When I finally get to the road I got stuck in a few jams that took 20-30 minutes of waiting to get through. No car accidents just trucks that are driving on bald tires and getting stuck. I spent over 4 hours on the road. Ugh. Now my back is paining me.

Moral of this story never forget prized laptop once in this situation again.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

First post of 2018

Well, we just finished our winter vacation. What a time we had! First, over the Christmas holiday, I became really sick. Basically, I just rested in bed with a high-grade fever that would come and go along with body aches. As I was getting better Yogita became ill with the same bug. Her symptoms were exactly the same.

So she basically started to get better (she had a lot of phlegm), the boys got sick. First Jeyo, then George. So our holiday was spent sleeping, watching movies, and sleeping some more. I am now better just clearing some phlegm from the lungs, and sinuses. Yogita still has congestion in her lungs but it is improving. Jeyo and George I expect will be totally fine on Friday or Saturday.

The worse holiday I have had yet. I saw on facebook that an uncle passes away. Apparently, he had some illness. I hope it was not of the mental variety and he took his own life. I really hope it was not. I feel that those deaths are the most preventable.

This week will be a very short work week. Apparently, I came to work way too early. Oh well, at least I met a student who had a dream that I was getting married to Yogita, only that I was wearing a dress. He had a nice laugh out of it. What does that mean? We will get married again except I will wear a dress, and Yogita a suit?

Ok I should go now....