Friday, January 19, 2018

Visa Renewal ...UGH

So it is that time of year. I need to renew all of our visas. I wish this process could be made easier. I think I need to check out an option where you can just send your documents in. I hate going the office because usually I get unlucky and there are dozens of people (who are members of a single group). Who arrive seconds before I do. UGH.

Oh well, we will take of the visas Tuesday next week. Time to enjoy a bit of off time.

I wish these visas could be 2-year visas.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday a rather rough week....

I hate snow. I know it looks nice when it is falling and when it has just fallen. Despite that I really hate snow. It makes driving very unsafe. Tuesday night I had to stay overnight in Iksan with my bro Josh. We had a very good time. I just wished I had brought down a better computer that day.

Driving from Gunsan to Iksan started out with me in a panic. You see I always check the weather. I take a peek outside every now and then. That is it what I did Wednesday morning. Well, just one hour after checking and everything was clear, about 4-5 inches of snow was on the ground. This was 10am. I rushed and got dressed and forgot to bring my most prized notebook with me an Alienware 15 R3 equipped with a gtx 1070 GPU, and a very sexy i7 7700 CPU and 8 gigs of very fast ram at home. I knew that I would be staying Josh that night. I was in a panic because the snow was falling so fast that if I got stuck I might end up missing a day work.

I also knew in the back of my mind that I had to stay in Iksan so that I could cover my classes. Anyways, I am clearing snow from the car, and after some time (the apartment parking lot is a real mess), I get out of the lot and head to the road that takes me to Iksan an intercity road. Only to get stuck there for 40 minutes!!!! Why? Well, some idiot does not know that when you are going up a ramp you need to build up momentum got stuck halfway up the ram. It is a narrow ramp so we could not just pass him.

When I finally get to the road I got stuck in a few jams that took 20-30 minutes of waiting to get through. No car accidents just trucks that are driving on bald tires and getting stuck. I spent over 4 hours on the road. Ugh. Now my back is paining me.

Moral of this story never forget prized laptop once in this situation again.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

First post of 2018

Well, we just finished our winter vacation. What a time we had! First, over the Christmas holiday, I became really sick. Basically, I just rested in bed with a high-grade fever that would come and go along with body aches. As I was getting better Yogita became ill with the same bug. Her symptoms were exactly the same.

So she basically started to get better (she had a lot of phlegm), the boys got sick. First Jeyo, then George. So our holiday was spent sleeping, watching movies, and sleeping some more. I am now better just clearing some phlegm from the lungs, and sinuses. Yogita still has congestion in her lungs but it is improving. Jeyo and George I expect will be totally fine on Friday or Saturday.

The worse holiday I have had yet. I saw on facebook that an uncle passes away. Apparently, he had some illness. I hope it was not of the mental variety and he took his own life. I really hope it was not. I feel that those deaths are the most preventable.

This week will be a very short work week. Apparently, I came to work way too early. Oh well, at least I met a student who had a dream that I was getting married to Yogita, only that I was wearing a dress. He had a nice laugh out of it. What does that mean? We will get married again except I will wear a dress, and Yogita a suit?

Ok I should go now....