Thursday, February 22, 2018

Some people deserve each other...

So after a long time, we are finally free of our old boss Mrs. Cho. Wow what an odd strange relationship we had. It was not all bad but there are clear indications that our relationship was toxic.

Being paid late, want more but not paying a proper salary. Claiming that she was helping us when the reality was we were helping her.

I am so happy these days. It makes me smile everytime we remove a toxic person from our lives. We gain so many good relationships. Moving to Iksan I have become friends with Josh, his wife, Paul and his wife, another guy Steven and his wife. I could not be happier. There are other people like Nicole Ms. Choi, and Ms. Jo to name a few others.

On another note, I am finally going to get my damned health check done. UGH. I procrastinate about such things. Oh well, it will be done fast then Yogi and I well head over to Iksan. In the evening tomorrow, I will have  2 exams to make. Then the WEEKEND!

Ok, I have to go and prepare for my late night adult class.