Thursday, March 29, 2018

A change is coming.

It seems some changes are coming my way. One of them is moving to Iksan. This move is big for us even though Gunsan is only 35 km from Iksan. We have lived in Gunsan for more than 15 years. We have seen the city change so much in that time. We have changed as well. I am excited about the move. It will bring us closer to good friends, and work. Iksan will be an adventure for Yogita and I. We will explore every nook and cranny of this city. We will make new friends, build new relationships. Of course, we will maintain our friendships with people in Gunsan.

So I am happy and optimistic that this change will bring good experiences to my family.


p.s Oh yeah I have some heavy lifting to do tomorrow. Josh's new house is really coming together nicely!

Spring is around the corner.

The weather is changing now. Days are warmer but nights are still chilly. I think we will have to endure a very hot summer again. I look forward to camping this year a lot. We are planning to go camping several times this year. So I have my ebooks ready.

There is one thing I want to buy before this camping season. That is a large tent that is easier to set up, and store. I am tired of working with the poles and ropes that our current tent has. I want something that we can set up easily with perhaps one or two people. My current tent needs all four of us to set up.

So the search is on for an easier to set up large tent.


Thursday, March 08, 2018

Yogita's Choice.

Yogita is now 39 years old. My birthday is on January 18th. So Yogita teases me calling me "old man", and how she is younger than I am. Well, finally that teasing will end.

On her birthday we usually do something special together. I do not why we do this. It just sort of started years ago. My birthday....ugh we do nothing, I like it that way.

So it is Yogita's choice for what we will do this weekend. She really wants to go shopping at Costco. So tomorrow we will drive about 90 kilometers to Daechon city. Yogita loves shopping for food, as she loves to cook. So here is to Yogita and our little adventure "Going to Costco".


Cpu doesn't matter The GPU does!!

It is time for a tech update. I have a lot of computers. Among them, I have different generations of the i7 CPU. I also use 4 different GPUs.  I can only say that when shopping for a pc even one with an older CPU in it, your GPU is going to matter more than the CPU. Of course, I am not talking about really outdated CPUs.

The second generation i7 CPU is going to be pretty cheap used. Mate it with a gtx 770 and you will enjoy gaming just fine. What I see today in advertising is the latest Intel CPU getting much of the spotlight. It should get very little. Of course, this is for the gamers. Games today are very GPU intensive. So forget needing the latest CPU. Look for the latest GPU your system can support. It can be the cheapest option for many gamers. If you are using a gtx 400 series GPU a gtx 660ti will give you a huge boost in gaming. It will not hurt your pocket either.

If you are a gamer STAY AWAY from super slim laptops. You will thank me a few years down the road.


Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Test time....UGH

Well, it is that time of the year here at Apple. Testing is done every 3 months. This is a ends up becoming a very hectic time. You see today my co-teacher did not know that I was giving a test. So she allotted time for her students to finish the exam during the time I needed the students to take my exam. The result kids had to call home explaining why they would be late. This normal. But it still sucks.

I am glad that everything is completed now. I hate paperwork.