Monday, July 23, 2018

Loving this working vacation!

Basically, I am working part-time for a couple of months before I start full time and the new school I am teaching at. I had an option to just rest for 2 months, or do this. I think working and learning the ropes of how this school runs and the dos and don'ts is the better option.

 I can meet about 20% of the students many of whom have brothers and sisters (older and younger) attending as well. So many of the little kids know me already. That is very important when starting a new job. It would have been nice to just take it easy for 2 months. I know myself though I would go nuts after a couple weeks. I would likely volunteer at my friend's car repair shop and knowing him he would likely have paid me a little for my time.

We are in the middle of a heat wave...still does not compare to humid and hot Indian weather.

Gotta keep cool!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2018

July heat

I hate hot weather. I deal with it, but I hate it. Even so, I have a lot of fun in the summer. Camping, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. There is something on my mind though. Suicide. People seem to want to end it all more and more. From celebrities that seem to have it all, to ordinary people from all walks of life.

I know that for some they are dealing with, living with depression, or bipolar disorder. I wish we had better systems in place to help prevent this loss. Some feel alienated that society will not accept them. For people like this, I assume they must feel extremely lonely. Shame on the mainstream society. We need to be more accepting. I do not want to get political. That opens a whole new bag of worms.

Some are under so much stress from work, school, finances. I will once again assume that these individuals feel like their plate is overflowing. They just can't take it anymore. We live in a world where success is measured in material things. We have this "ideal" beauty that men and women strive for. This can also create so much stress.

One thing watching the news and hearing about suicides has taught me: money can not buy happiness. Neither can fame, or power. For me, happiness is just chilling at home, or drinking the park talking to my wife, spending time with friends of mine Josh comes to mind, Sun does as well.
Actually, I am very picky about who I spend time with. Life has taught me that. Oh, the mistakes I have made in the past spending time with toxic people.

So I say this enjoy the little things. The normal stuff. One that is true and that we take for granted: when we lose something only then do we understand just how important that thing (person) is.

ok, enough rambling I have to prepare for class!


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

First camping trip of the year!

Well, it was a snap decision. We actually had other plans. Our friends family and ours went to a valley about 2 hours from Gunsan. In the valley, there was a nice camping site. This site was fully equipped, electricity, bathrooms, showers (private), and each site had a large table you could use for your campsite. I brought our big Tarp and set it up. Actually, this is where I made a mistake I should have had Yogita working on setting up the poles as well. It took longer than it should cause I did it all alone...NEVER AGAIN! Anyways it all went really well. A few campers were afraid of Oskar, who just ignored them.

I have decided it is time to buy an SUV the Veracruz. Maybe next spring I will buy it. I finally got a new smartphone. A huge upgrade over my Lg g pro 2 the Note 8. This thing rocks. Basically, I got it because in addition to all of its features it has a stylus that is very useful. Making notes and even using it for other applications is possible.

The boys are doing well they really loved the camping trip. They spent a lot of time in the creek that was nearby with my friend's only son. I kept an eye on them as well as Yogita and Oskar.

The July heat is finally upon us and Jeyo breaks a fan. Instead of coming to me when he noticed that it was leaning on it's stand he "tried" to fix it and the fan toppled over and broke. So Yogi and I had to go out and get another fan. The boys now have both older fans cooling them and we have the one new fan (it kinda sucks so Yogi and I have to use it). We can not get an air conditioner since we are moving out really soon.

Ok I have to finish registering our new phones and I have a class to teach...well two.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A new place new beginnings

Ah I will miss working with Ms. Choi. My new boss is very nice I have only good things to say. Ms Choi on the other hand is revolutionary when it comes to putting together an effective English curriculum. Her approach covers all aspects of English in one neat package. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Where I am at I am only taking on a small portion of my normal workload. After that I am free. So I am spending time in a pc room since Yogita is busy as well.

My last week at apple which was 3 weeks ago now was nice. Last weekend we all went to Daechon beach. I missed my bro Josh and his wife. I wished we were all there together. There were some really nice bonding moments.

Oh an update that needs mentioning: Josh and his wife have completed the renovating of their house! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! My first day there Sun-ju (Josh's wife) let me use her bathroom. Everyone was shocked! Son-ju does not want guys to use her bathroom (it is not an issue as they have 3 bathrooms!). She said that only I could use her toilet. I know it is a small thing but I felt special. I felt bad at the same time because I had to miss Josh's wedding.

We visited their house I guess it would have been a month ago. I have to say I grew even close to Josh. When we move to Iksan I will be spending more time over at his place.

The Yogi and the boys are having a nice time taking care of Oskar. Oskar is a White Shepherd. Cute dog getting bigger and more lovable. Also I bought my first SLI power desktop. I will post pictures here soon. I need to post more pictures on this blog.\