Tuesday, August 28, 2018

.....And the grind begins ^^

here comes the part that I dislike the most...in fact, it is ONE of the most important reason why I hate moving.....the actual moving part is relatively easy. Its what comes after, that is difficult mainly because it’s irritating. The cleaning.....the dusting....the resetting of various utilities....and if you’re like us (living in another country) filling in a whole set of paperwork and running around the bazillion government offices to report your change of address and re-registering.....ugh....but once it’s all done we can relax 🤪 

Moving is a pain in the ass..

So our apartment is starting to look about right for moving. We have all of the gaming notebooks packed. Tablets, old phones, battery packs, clothes are all ready to go. Today we will pack most of our desktop pcs. basically putting them back in the boxes they came in and adding some bubble wrap to help protect them. Most of our stuff is tech. In the new place which we saw today (it is the best apartment we have had in Korea), I will start using more wireless setups. I need to cut down on the wires. They attract dust, end up looking really messy, and it can cause a safety hazard (tripping over them). We will how that goes.

At the new location where we will live I will not have to drive over 1400kms for work. It will save us time and money. The apartment has 3 rooms which are just great. Finally, the location makes it a very very nice choice. We are in one of the central areas of Iksan. Thanks to Ms Choi!

Ok I am so sleepy today.


Monday, August 27, 2018

The end of an era.....the beginning of a new one!

Finally after 16 years in Gunsan we are moving to Iksan. It’s something we have been thinking about and planning to do for a while now. Gunsan has been home since 2002 but it’s time to move on.....time has come for us to leave the old nest behind and fly off to better and greener pastures. Gunsan will always be a part of us. The memories we have made....the relationships we have nurtured over the years...the experiences that have molded us into people we are today, will always define who we are. George and Jeyo were born in Gunsan...Jemal and I had our first real home and job in the tiny, coastal city....We love you Gunsan and you will always be a place we will call home....i feel emotional thinking back and writing this post.....

but like Dr. Seuss said,

“Don'cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

I’m not crying because it’s the end of an era, i’m smiling because it’s the beginning of a new one!


Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I miss Apple...

Now I should start out by saying that I am not complaining...well yes I am. I am not upset. This is not an angry post. I miss Apple a lot. One thing I miss is when it is time to choose texts. We actually have a lot of say in choosing which books to use with a certain group.

Right now I am teaching 10-11-year-olds words like diagnosis, nauseous, splash (not splashing water).

The material I was given is for middle school or low-level high school students. I will talk to my boss about this. Some topics little kids just can not talk about. They are too young. We have a reading passage today ... I will spend a lot of time not actually reading, instead we will be vocabulary building with words way above their level

Oh well, time to soldier on!

/rant off

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

One more day to go.... (this is an old post from July)

I saw a facebook post my boss made about this whole situation. One of her close friends commented "The end of an era". Ms Choi's reply was "No the start of a new one". I hope to be a part of that but time will tell.

The school looks pretty empty with many bookshelves sans books. However, it looks so properly done. Sections are being emptied a day at a time. My feelings are that this was something my boss needed to do for her. I fully understand that. I wish we could have done it differently. It seemed so sudden even though I new about it in advance.

For me I will move to another school in this area of Iksan. In fact the papers are all done. I will start working there from next Monday.


So we finally got phones after I canceled the LG g pro 2 service plan several months ago. First thing I love about this phone is the design. It looks so much better than the than iPhone X with that odd notch at the top for the camera. The edge does not contain bezel it is just an extension of the screen. This is not new, but wow does it look amazing! I love having the s-pen it can do so many things. I use it for typing and translating most of the time. Making notes is super easy too. The cool thing is once you remove the s-pen a menu sort of slides out presenting you with different options you can use the s-pen for. Make notes, write directly to the screen (might seem silly but can be very useful to just jot something down real fast).

Biometrics is really cool but kinda racist ... it cannot detect my irises or my face in low light. I will have to ask my buddy Josh who recently switched to a Galaxy S9. The fingerprint scanner works like a charm.

My main gripe is the battery. If you use the low power setting you basically gip your phone but get great battery life. With the bells and whistles on ... make sure you have a nice battery pack I recommend a 10000 mAh pack. 

The Note 9 is coming really soon but I do not care. I will wait until the Note 10 and see if it worth upgrading or not. I tend to hold on to smartphones for a long time.