Friday, September 28, 2018

End of a two day work week.

Well Chusok is over which means it is time to get back to work. In Korea that usually means a shorter week. I am so glad that I do not teach in India or countries that have 6 day work weeks. Korea is slowly moving away from a 6 day school week. Now it is every other week I think.

Yesterday was nice even though it felt like Monday. After work I realized that tomorrow is the end of the work week and I took Yogita to a nearby restaurant where we had Shrimp. The owner cooked the shrimp heads in butter and some spices. It was the best part.

Today we are going to visit Gunsan again (we visited two weeks ago) but we will take only buses.

I have to remember to charge my phone around 5 o'clock.

Ok I gotta put my game face on the kiddies should be arriving any moment.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Looking forward to next weekend!

When you are married for 18 years you want to do even more things with your spouse. Sometimes those things are stuff we did years ago when we were dating. One thing we would do is explore Seoul. Seoul is a HUGE city. Basically, every area has large clusters of residential areas. In these clusters you will find restaurants. We love food, and enjoy walking around different areas. Last weekend we went to Seoul and explored Itaewon. Now I many long term expats hate the place. I hate certain areas. Mainly near the clubs. I stay near the southeast, and south Asian eateries.

Well Next week we plan do explore another area. We have not decided which area. That is still up in the air.

Chu-sok is coming and for the first time in many years I am more excited about our plans AFTER the holiday.

Ok I gotta go the kiddies will be here soon!


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

12 days in!

I remember something my mom told me (Indian Mom). She said "Beta always do something that you are good at and if possible that you like as well." Her words are very true. I started full time 12 days ago. When you are good at something stress levels are non existent. The new students here have taken to me very quickly. It is as if I knew them for months not days. This month there will be a big holiday. Likely we will be either go camping or relax in Iksan and continue to explore our area.

The boys and Oksar are settling in very nicely. They LOVE the new place. I love the location, and the view at night from our small balcony. Yesterday Yogita and I spent our free time just talking and making plans for the weekend.

I will be going to Seoul to listen to Josh's sort of intro speech about his new job and a new class he will be teaching in Seoul. I am very happy for him.

So it has been only 12 days but I feel quite settled in. Oh our academy will be moving, and the new location will be closer to where we live! So that is a nice thing as well.

Yogita, has been gaining new students left and right. She is doing great. I just need to encourage her from time to time as she needs it.

My car needs some work but I am debating whether to get the work done or not. Mainly the issue is with the cooling system. I think it needs new radiator hoses and a radiator cap. Well, I hope so I do not want to replace the entire radiator when I will be buying a new car in 5 months.

It is nice not having to drive 75 kilometers a day.

Ok my students are here...time to go!