Thursday, November 29, 2018

Feeling good!

Life has ups and downs. Well today is a good day. Although it is cold it is a Thursday. Which means we will finally be making our trip up to Seoul. We actually have a mission. George is very close to being ready to take the GED, and he is studying hard for the S.A.T. Next year perhaps in the fall or winter he will take the GED. Next he will take some time and study for the SAT.

So tomorrow night we will be getting some test preparation books Actually we already have several. We need more material for him to get even more used to the format of the test. So first we will get the books, and I am keeping my eye open for the Kindle for him. It will be a study aid and he loves to read so it will be good for him.

I look forward to walking around Seoul, and trying different food after we finish our education mission! We will get something for Jeyo.

Ok time to go!


Wednesday, November 21, 2018


There are a couple of things on my mind. First, it is food. Since we had a bad experience last weekend we felt bummed because their food is really good. Last week we went to Gunsan and had a hotpot. It was so wonderful! Not as many vegetables as the place we went to in Iksan.

We need to replace our car I guess this is musing number 2. There are soooo many options. Many are cheap but you can get a lot of bang for your buck because the used car market is so glutted with cars. Automakers have released so many new versions of cars SUVs and minivans. This of course results in depreciation of the older models. So we have a lot to choose from. We are leaning strongly toward SUV's. Now that we have a dog we need more space. Minivans are also a good match for us. We can store camping supplies the boys and the dog will have plenty of room when going on long drives.

There is a possibility that I will get Friday off because the school I work at treats Thanksgiving day (American) as a major holiday. I think I should use the time to return a pc to Gwangju. If not catch up on some sleep and get extra exercise.

I have an option to skip the Kindergarten performance tomorrow. I think I will cause those brownies will not bake themselves.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stupid Restaurant Owner

Yogita and I have been loving our exploration of Chinese food in Korea. The locations that we go to are staffed by Chinese. Many customers are Chinese as well. So the food is not Koreanized in anyway. WOW it tastes great!

Well we went to a restaurant that we have been regulars for over 3 months last Friday. At this restaurant the food is excellent, the service is on point as well. Well there is one guy who never smiles.

Anyway it is time to pay and we pay using our debit card. There seems to be a problem so we have them try the card again. At this point they claim that it still did not go through. At this point Yogita agrees to the ATM and withdraw the cash. She notices something isn’t right with our account. She comes back and tells me to check our account on my phone. I do and I notice that they charged our account twice and was ready to take even more money from us. I got angry and was ready to call the police. Yogita tells me lets give them a chance because they said they would pay by tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning they still did not honor their word. So we head back to the restaurant and demand that they do the right thing. Oh but this time they need time they are in a mountain having a good ole time can we wait until 6pm.

At this time we have had enough. Without telling the owner we go to the cops. The cops threaten to file charges against them because they have done this before. UGH such STUPID people. Now we will never take our business there. If any of our friends are interested in Chinese food we will steer them clear of that restaurant. I think with more people from China coming to Korea situations like this might happen more. I do not know why they thought they could get away with it. Perhaps in China the cops get bought off. Actually they do there is a very informative YouTube channel that gives advice to foreigners living and working in China.

Anyways we returned to the police station thanked them and went on our way.


Thursday, November 08, 2018

Paperwork is a real pain

I hate doing paper work. Wait two of my students are watching me type this. Tina, and Marcus they are wondering why I am mentioning them. 

Anyways I do not like paperwork. Recently in Korea you need to do even more paperwork than years ago. The immigration officers are finally doing their jobs. This is a good thing. The only bad thing about the system here in Korea and I am sure it is the same in other countries; getting new procedures,regulations, and required documentation along with fees to the people who need it. To many times I feel like I need to review the immigration website to keep up. This is not easy when you are just living your life. 

One nice thing about Korea is that they tend to be very lenient for the first mistake.  So if you want to travel and live in another country; regularly check immigration procedures. Also check make sure when you have to renew your visa what documents you need. 

Basically, paperwork that the boss is supposed to submit was done only for me, so we are playing catch up. 


Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sleepy Tuesday

I am having a normal day so far. Teaching the little people (kindergarten age) was fun. My other classes were good. I just feel like I am out of gas. So I am drinking coffee. The season change always effects me like this. Suddenly feeling drowsy even though I had a very good number of hours of sleep. However, my students tend to give me energy. That helps.

I have a new class a one on one class. It ought to be interesting to see if I can keep my energy level up. Oh and I have a cold ugh.

Ok gotta go.


Monday, November 05, 2018

Uh that is strange....

 I guess I did not publish the post I made last week on Friday. Oh well today will look like a double post. Sometimes apple sucks. I know why they do it. It just sucks anyway. I bought a second hand iPad Pro and I bought a Smart Cover to go with it. Well it worked like a charm for perhaps 1.5 years until I updated to iOS 12 something. Now the Smart Cover is not recognized. It works sometimes perhaps 15% of the time. Other times I get this annoying “accessory not recognized”. 

Apparently it has something to do with the new firmware in IOS 12 not being compatible with the smart over. Which mean either I go and buy another over priced cover which apple will do the same thing 2 years from now..or just buy a Bluetooth keyboard case.  Zzzzz thanks apple. 

Ok I gotta go.


Friday, November 02, 2018

It looks like Seoul is back on!

So yesterday Yogita had a very busy day. She had a Halloween party with her kids. Basically teaching them the history of the holiday and what Americans do during the holiday, then giving them candy.

After her long day she and I had a nice chat about perhaps returning to Seoul for another visit. Actually we have been going back forth about it for a couple of weeks. Well we have decided. However, Yogita will book the hotel / motel. I am in charge of the itinerary.

So my plan is to try African food tonight (if possible). Then the next morning there is a pancake place Yogita wants to check out. We will go sightseeing along the Han River getting some exercise. It was our favorite place 18 years ago. We go to the river to talk, argue, or just sit quietly. Lunch Yogita will chose that is after we have a rest. Dinner will likely be a mix of different take outs. We plan to bring leftovers for the boys.

Of course the plan could change for example go to Myeong-dong and try the street food. Who knows.