Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stress some people can handle it...some can not.

We have been in Iksan for about 5 months. Yogita and I have been working at our respective jobs for seven months. My workplace is a bit odd in that no one really speaks English and due to this they paint a picture they want to see. If I give my opinion about a student they do not really understand my point of view. Things run smoothly nonetheless. There are minor hickups but nothing serious. 

My boss will get stressed if things do not go according to plan. She really pissed Yogita off. Koreans in thier 50's and 60's are really living in another time while still existing today. In other words younger generations are not putting up with being desrepected. You see in Korea the older you are the better in some social interactions. Your opinion is always right, you can act in a very disrespectful way and the younger generation should put up with it. It is changing today. All of this said, I have a good work environment. I am get very little stress from work. I go to work to teach. So when I do this I feel like everything is hunky dory. 

My wife on the otherhand. Wow, her work partner does not handle stress very well at ALL. For every change in the teaching schedule, or a some conflict among students, even missbehaving students she goes supernova. I can only imagine what it is doing to her internal organs, blood pressure and what not. It pours over on to her kids. Many people in Korea say things like "Your sons are so polite." Or "your sons are so calm and relaxed". This is due in part to both of us handling stress and letting it get the better of us. Yogita finishes 30 minutes late on average. Not due to parents, due to her friends stress! I guess some people even when shown a better way would rather stick to thier old ways. 

Ok my students are here I have to go.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Holidays this year.

So yesterday we relaxed at home. We watched several movies on youtube (it was really good!). We ordered some Koreanized Chinese food it was actually pretty good. My sons played games on thier computers. Oskar had a lot fun too. He went to on 3 walks. I thought I would play pc games myself, I ended up watching movies and taking nap after nap.

Next week I will have a short vacation. I will help my wife with her work. I will also fix one of my gaming notebooks. The battery needs to be disconnected. I will try it by myself using a tutorial. If I run into issues I will stop and gret help from my friend Steve who is a a pc repair tech (he does other things as well). 

Ok it is writing day here at my academy, time to go!


Monday, December 24, 2018


It is that time of the year. In Korea I feel that western view of Christmas is slowly spreading here. Perhaps it is different in the major metropolitan areas, perhaps it is almost the same.
Years ago it was more of a regilous day for Christians here in Korea. Sure some people gave out presents, usually English academies. I feel that based on what people tell me (friends around my age) that gift giving is becoming far more common than say 18 years ago.

I am feeling better but still experiencing a hacking cough. This is a pretty rough flu season in Iksan. They really ought to shut down schools for a few days.

My plans for tomorrow is to chill with my lady, and my boys. Order some Korean style Chinese food, and watch netflix and youtube premium.

I recently subscribed to Youtube premium, now I love Youtube again. There is even more content available, and with no interruptions due to ads we are very happy.

I am thinking about adding Amazon's streaning service early 2019.

My plans fot the new year tech wise (sorry but the years resolution thing is always the same each year.)

So tech: Upgrade my dual gpus with 9th gen or 10th gen gtx cards. Upgrade my 500 SSD to a 1TB SSD.

Ugh I will continue this post...I have some lesson plans to finish.

Have a safe holiday season!


Friday, December 07, 2018

Winter is here!

Yeah it is cold. However, this is my favorite time of the year. I have walked all over our neighborhood and surrounding areas. You see when I get active I sweat like crazy. So summers getting in some exercise is so uncomfortable. I do not need heavy coats, I would overheat very quickly. So in the winter is when I get most of my walking in. I love to walk and talk with my wife. On weekends walking with our boys. I have actually lost a lot of weight.

One big change moving to Iksan is that I do not drive at all. I really do not need to. The neighborhood we live in is so convenient. It is near our workplaces, shopping, and has so many nice restaurants. Unlike Gunsan where we lived in pretty much run down apartments. So winter is here and I am getting plenty of exercise.

I plan to buy another car or SUV so the search is on.

Uh oh Eric is watching....oh Jeff and James are too. I need to go now!