Friday, January 25, 2019

Musings of an EXHAUSTED brain ^^

Yesterday, was a long work day. After work...walking back home i was starting to feel more and more excited as i got closer to our i was coming up the elevator i realized i was smiling thinking about Oskar rushing over and jumping up on me as soon as i open the door....the boys...with their goofy smiles..arms wide open...saying, 'Welcome back home mommy. How was your day?' Jemal sitting on his computer...looking back and saying, 'hey babe, how was your day?' ....i realized that's what matters...everything else is background's easy to get sucked into it....but in the end it's a waste of for things that matter....count your matter how small...embrace ' your life...stop existing.....start LIVING....

peace out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The final deal

So I will work full time until next Wednesday. After that I will teach only 2 classes while waiting until my next contract to start. I will take a break but I will need to take care of visa paperwork ASAP. Money forms supporting documents. I hate it but it is necessary.

Then I’ll start looking into our next car, once I’m settled in my new job.

I am glad to be leaving. I could not actually teach. In addition class time was wasted with various procedures.

Where I am going I will grow as a teacher. I might even go for a masters. Yogita is super busy these days. Even so I hope she will post on this blog.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Typical Hogwan nonsense...

In Seoul, the average age is around 40 years old. Why did I mention that fact? Well here where I work the owner is in her late 50's. This means that she does things according to the old way in Korea. For example years ago teaching English was basically turning a child into a parrot. They could "speak" but reading, writing, and listening skills were abysmal.

You could pass the high school test (similar to the SAT in America) by attending cram schools. In these schools, they teach students shortcuts or patterns to help them ace the test. Actual English ability was lacking. Well, many of those people are in their late 30's and early 40's. They are very stressed about this. They know what they learned years ago was nonsense.

Smart private academies called "hogwans" in Korea changed their curriculum. They started to set up programs that allowed parents to actually see that their children are really learning English. The backward schools are suffering. Like where I am at right now. Parents know that the academies do not properly teach their children. For example where I am at right now students "use English". However, when they speak their sentences are not complete sentences. Often their sentences are lacking verbs or nouns. Sometimes the sentence is full of only prepositions. It is so strange to hear them talk. I realized that they speak English like the owner does! What is so embarrassing is that she doesn't know that their parents know this! They joke about it with my wife and I and have others teach their kids privately. UGH.

When I went to the hospital for a check-up one mother who has two children studying at the school also mentioned that she knows the problem with her children when they speak English. She thanked me because her kids when they are at home they relate everything we do in class. I am always correcting the students.

My point is English education and education, in general, has come a long way in South Korea. Back in the day, English was a joke. If you were white, good looking, or charismatic (I guess being able to make kids laugh helped too) getting a job was easy. Now parents are more discerning. It is becoming less important to be white or good looking. Reading job ads you can see this. English in the past was just for show. Nowadays parents are more concerned. Many hogwans are losing students because of this. It is not limited to just English. If you are going to teach in Korea bring your "A" game. Some places will know if a teacher is just "winging it" just to pay for backpacking trips, or to pay off student loans.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Welcome the GTX 1060 upgrade!

I was using 2 780 ti in SLI but with those cards having only 3gb of dedicated video memory. I knew that I would have to look for another solution.

In our neighborhood there is a small PC shop and well he had 2 GTX 1060's that I can now use to upgrade both Yogi's PC and mine. The GTX 1060 cannot run in SLI (basically 2 cards working together to run a game). I still have my 780ti's. I might put them in the boy's rigs it would be a major upgrade. The only issue is with the size of the cooler on the 780tis they are massive. Jeyo's pc should not have an issue. George's PC is a more compact build so the size of the cooler might be an issue.

What I am looking forward to is being able to use that extra 3 gigs of VRAM. I will be upgrading again in 6 months.  That ought be an epic one for us. Perhaps a GTX 1070ti or a 1080?

We will see. On another pc related note I have put another ssd in Yogis PC should allow her to run her games more smoothly.


Monday, January 07, 2019

I got let go and rehired in 2 days!!!

Sometimes blessings come in strange ways. Working at my current school has not been a bad experience. I think the one thing I dislike the most it the poor communication when it comes to curriculum. Other things are smooth as pie.

I waste about 15-20% of the class time on things that do not help the students to develop. In other classes, I teach 4 different books to youngsters who really only need and comprehend one. I told my boss this. I said, "I think they have too many books in one week". Her response was to seemingly agree with me, yet no change was made.

Anyway, how was I let go? At this school, I have not seen any new parents coming in for interviews or inquiring about this school. I learned months ago that this is because this school has a bad reputation among parents. Now I understand why that is.

My boss sits me down and in a very polite and apologetic way, she says we need to part ways. What she did not know was that I was excited and so happy to hear the news. I almost smiled. That was last Friday evening. I realized that I should not waste time and the best time to search for a job is when you already have one. So I reached out to two friends who are owners of private schools. Both gave me positive feedback but one needed more time. So I met with one of the owners the next day Saturday morning of last week and signed a contract!

My current boss was shocked that I found another job in the same city so quickly. Sort of how Mrs. Cho was surprised when we found a job after 3 days, with me signing a contract on the fourth day.

I am glad to be leaving the school I am at. They have dated curriculum building skills and they do not listen to experienced teachers (I have more teaching experience than both of the teachers here.)

So this has not been a bad experience. It has taught me what a bad curriculum can do to students.