Monday, February 25, 2019

KCIS is gone from Gunsan, and now it is game over in Iksan

I remember years ago in Gunsan the general idea about KCIS is that is a Christain school, very strict, odd teachers and staff, and that kids get beaten when they make mistakes.

Well, it looks like the public has spoken. KCIS will close its doors (the Hogwan is already closed) and the kindergarten will shut down next on Thursday this week. Iksan is a small town. People talk and gossip. Rumors spread like wildfire. Some of those rumors have truth. My friend has a study room and she is a very social person. When I told her that I will work for KCIS she just stared at me for a while. She then told me she heard odd things about the school. At that point, I just wanted to stay in Iksan until a better position became available. Thankfully one did and my tenure with KCIS is over.

What I can say is yes a lot of the rumors are true. I never felt a part of the staff, I didn't want to. I got that feeling when speaking to very religious people in Korea they give you this strange fake smile. Others can be very very kind and genuine in fact most are. However, there are a few that give me a weird feeling. So goodbye KCIS I hope to never cross paths with you again.

p.s Please stop beating kids it is not cool anymore.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Time to move..again.

Well as things are we will be moving again. This time to the new downtown area of Iksan. This week we will be sooo busy. First we will junk our Equus. I am debating to either ger a newer one (we love the model), an SUV (I have it narrowed down to just one model). But that will not happen for another 3.5 months.

At the moment we will be preparing to move. I will draw up a detailed plan for the last stage of prep.
I can not wait to get settled into my new job. I feel like for the past 8 months I have not been teaching. I have been following orders. I could not really innovate as much as I wanted. The only impact I think I really had was showing them (the younger students) that the phonics sounds they were learning from Mrs. Kim were...wrong. In addition the older students I taught them the basics of writing a standard essay. No easy feat. Parents have given us feedback through their children and when I met them in person. Many were worried that a male teacher would be teaching their children.

However due to the positive feedback from the students the parents were relieved. I saw how old school teaching looks like at KCIS. I am glad to say I will never sign another contract with a school like that. Just too old fashioned. I will not go into detail here.

So we will move on March 10th. About 3 months later buy a car. I am happy about this. Yogita is doing very well.The boys are studying well, and alive.

Tomorrow we will junk our car. When I bought it, it was for weekend drives, getting around the city, and of course for camping. ended up doing a lot more than that. I drove it around 50,000 kms. Likely more like 60 or 70,000 kms. So it needed a lot of mechanical work done on it. Josh teased me a lot about her. We will see who the replace is. The market has so many of these cars due to new models coming out. So I will have a  lot of choice.


P.S Being able to communicate with my boss is something I took for granted. Apple spoiled me.

Friday, February 15, 2019

So What The HECK Is Wrong With This World?

the answer to my question is is dying out...we look at each other as DOLLAR figures....we don't show each other common or compassion....we live in a world full of brutality, hatred, and hopelessness....let's not forget that we are all passing through in this system...we are all fellow travelers in this journey...let's hold the door open for other people...let's smile and say 'hello'...let's show love and understanding...let that little light of yours SHINE...let it shine BRIGHT :)