Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Taking it easy on a Tuesday..

There are so many perks to my job. Many are so easy to see. Others are dependent on where you are working. Where I am at, there is structure, very effective curriculum, and mild mannered students.

Of course I have a job to do, and challenges come with that. However, due to the structure of this school is easy to meet challenges I face. There is extra time I can take to prep, correct students work, or read up so some grammar point I will be teaching the next day. It makes for a very busy week from Monday to Wednesday. With later in the week the work load feels lighter. I am still making some mistakes, and I am learning more about what I need to focus on with each class.

Somethings are just inherently Korean. For example I am told to focus on one more, and it is ok to skip another text book. While the next week that idea is in the reverse. This is normal and I take it in stride. \

When I worked at apple we really should have had time set aside for teachers to work together on the paperwork. Since we did't teachers would have to either stay really late, or take work home.

Well it is time to check my students work.....


Friday, March 22, 2019

A crazy crazy week!

Sometimes it really does rain and then it pours. This week was nuts. It started out ok. We had a normal Monday. We finished work cooked up a nice dinner. It was nice. Tuesday was also very nice. I headed home and basically had another nice evening. Wednesday is when the poop hit the fan...HARD. VERY HARD. Tuesday I had to get a medical check up because well there is a stupid regulation that requires teachers to get medical check ups very often. The good news is that I lost a bit more weight.

Wednesday Yogita was getting ready to register our new address with the local office. This is when we found that her period of sojourn had expired..by 20+ days!!! Uh Oh. So we panic for a bit. Basically, the helpline lady for foreigners treated her like a criminal. Even calling her an illegal immigrant. First time that has ever happened. Well she had to cancel all plans for the day and head down to the office with Jeyo in tow. The end result...we got fined but it was later reduced a bit. UGH. This drama has carried on throughout this entire week. Even the boys were worried.

So here we are...having to get up at 7 am to make a 9 am appointment. My boss was kind enough to rearrange his schedule, my co-worker did the same. This allowed us to save time and we are right as rain for another 11 months. YAY.



Thursday, March 14, 2019

2 Weeks at my new school!

Wow time really does fly. I have been teaching at this school for 2 weeks. Getting to know the students, and staff is going well. I love the structure that is at this school. It makes teaching fun for me. I am still learning the paperwork and other procedures. My classes fly by and before I know it i'm walking home. Walking home is a nice 5 minute walk. I have never had it this good. Never! We moved to another area of Iksan. I will say that I will miss the old neighborhood, and nice view we had in the other apartment. The new place has a very cozy feel to it. The boys now have a small pc room with desks. I need to buy Jeyo a new monitor.

The boys were very helpful in the move. I would assign them tasks which they would complete. It worked out very well. We basically threw everything into large plastic bags. I will use the same bags to throw away useless things. So when we move from this apartment or maybe even relocating it will be as easy as sending some things ahead like pc's (very expensive but worth it), clothes, and other small things as well. Then when we actually have to leave all we have to do is throw away any bedding we were using.

The movers were very surprised when they how little we have. I was dismayed. We do not need so many things. Pc's are what we really need. If my friend Josh reads this he laugh out loud! But it is true. We need our tech. seasonal clothes, and Yogita needs her jewelry. So this year I will overhaul every desktop so that it is a nice looking case that is sturdy. In the interior of the case should be roomy. When moving or relocating simply put those pc towers into a well padded box.

I will drink beers with my new boss.It is cool to have a Canadian as a boss. The best Korean boss I have had was Ms Choi. However, my new boss is pretty cool, and I feel like I am learning while teaching.

I feel sorry for people who when they are heading to work they feel dread when they arrive. I feel so positive ready for any challenge. Ok time for a bit of you tube before the beers.